Welcome to Life Time Central Texas Swim Team! We are a competitive swim team affiliated with the South Texas LSC of USA Swimming. We are excited to offer this year round program to our Members. The Life Time Central Texas Swim Team is part of Life Time Fitness. Our team is swimming at four locations, San Antonio, North West San Antonio, North Austin, and South Austin. 

Our main focus is stroke technique, breaking down the strokes, utilizing drills with constant oversight & correction to ensure our swimmers have the proper skills. The swimmers are separated by ability so the coaches can focus in smaller groups making the biggest impact. 

Our goal is to promote swimming as part of the Healthy Way of Life lifestyle. Since swimming is a sport that can be done for a lifetime, we know your family will benefit from being a part of our team. We have started!!

Life Time Central Texas Swim Team as part of USA swimming has made a commitment to having a safe sport. Central Texas is constantly working with USA swimming to maintain up-to-date policies including Electronic Communication Policy and Code of Conduct.