The WHAC Whitecaps is the USA Swimming affliliated year round swim team of the Western Hills Athletic Club. The team has a strong focus on stroke technique and enjoying swimming. Under the coaching of Head Coach Jimmy Bynum and Associate Head Coach Ian Crocker, the team puts a strong emphasis on enjoying swimming as a healthy lifestyle. Jimmy does have a strong competetive drive, but not at the expense of the athlete. He loves to win, but more importantly he wants to coach good kids who will still enjoy swimming later in life. Whether you have a swimmer who is going to compete at a championship level, or someone who likes to practice but is not as interested in meets, we probably have a spot for you.

All Groups are coached by both Jimmy and Ian, as well as Coach Alexe. Jimmy and Ian co-coach all the workouts. It's not one working with one group and another working with another group today, then switching the next day. They active coach together. They might break a group into different lanes and work on something separately, but they often talk and agree on sets together during the workout. If your child swims in the program, they will be coached by both Jimmy and Ian


Training Groups

Red Group: This is our beginner group. It is generally recommended for younger swimmers and those who want to primarily gain fitness with our program and maybe want to swim competitively. The Red Group will focus on the basics of swimming. Ages 6 - 10.

WHAC Members: $112.50 a month

WHAC Non Members: $156.25 a month

Purple Group: This is our intermediate group. It's for those who can swim the four competitive strokes and understands interval training. Swimmers will generally be but are not necessarily interested in competition. Ages 9 - 13.

WHAC Members: $131.25

WHAC Non Members: $175.00

Blue Group: this is our advanced group. Swimmers are interested in competition and will have achieved at least a BB time.   Ages 12 - 18.

WHAC Members: $150.00 a month

WHAC Non Members: $193.75 a month


There is a $140 registration fee for all athletes who register with the program.

WHAC Members are families who own a membership in the Western Hills Athletic Club.

Any questions about joining the team and group placement can be directed to Coach Jimmy at