Kingston YMCA Hurricanes Swim Club is a private, nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote the sport of age-group swimming. We strive to provide a positive atmosphere in which to learn and develop the skills of competitive swimming.  The Kingston YMCA Hurricanes Swim Club is registered with YMCA Swimming as well as USA Swimming, the national governing bodies for amateur swimming in this country. All members of the Kingston YMCA Hurricanes Swim Club, our coaches, and all officials at swim meets are registered as members of YMCA Swimming; it is the option of the swimmer to participate in USA Swimming meets/events with the club when the club swims in USA Swimming competitions. As members of YMCA Swimming, we compete with registered clubs in the North Country League; likewise, as members of USA Swimming, we compete with registered clubs in USA Swimming competitions primarily within the Adirondack League.

Membership in the Kingston YMCA Hurricanes Swim Club is contingent on available space and is open to individuals who are between the ages of 5 and 18, able to pass a swim test administered by the coaches and able to pay registration dues.  Complete registration information can be found on our Registration page. 

The benefits of competitive swimming include the following:
    * Opportunity to meet people and make new friends
    * Participation in one of the most beneficial forms of cardiovascular exercise
    * Development of the lifetime sport of swimming
    * Development of time management skills, self-discipline, and sportsmanship

Your swimmer will continue to reap the benefits of participation long after his or her association with the Kingston YMCA Hurricanes.