Duke Diving Club is the primer springboard and platform diving club in the Carolinas.  Located on the beautiful campus of Duke University, Duke divers range from beginners who are just learning to dive all the way to National Champions and Olympians! Our divers participate in competitions beginning with summer league, high school, and AAU meets while our team divers compete with USA Diving in Regional, Zone, and National meets.  We even have divers competing internationally and in the Olympics! We invite you to come join us and let us help you realize your dreams!


Mission Statement 

Duke Diving aims to promote and nurture children to become the best athletes they can be.

Divers need to be taught the correct skills and technique in the proper time frames. Duke Diving follows a long term athlete development model to guide and enhance each skill. Our athletes will develop these skills at crucial times in their learning experience to provide optimal performance.


Our Facility

We have a dryland Area and a Diving Well equiped with the best.

Our dryland includes:

5 dryboard

3 tramplines

Belt rigs over the trampolines and dryboards


Workout equpiment


Our Diving well indludes:

Two 1-meter springboards

Two 3-meter springboards (with a belt rig)