ACES Policies and Protocols


  1. Program and Meet Fee Policy
  2. WAAC Code of Conduct
  3. Participation Consent Agreement
  4. Publication Consent Agreement
  5. Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act

1. Program and Meet Fee Policy:

Program fees must be paid up front and Meet fees must be paid before or within one week of the meet. There is zero tolerance for program and meet fees not being paid promptly. It is very important that all members respect that all fees must be submitted in order for the club to operate. A fee of $25.00 will be added to any N.S.F cheque and repayment must be made within 7 days of notification. Meet fees will be due by the first day of the meet. Failure to comply will result in your swimmer not being entered into subsequent meets. It is the responsibility of individuals to contact our Meet fee representative by email, phone or leave a message in the mail slot. SNC/Registration fees and  WAAC program fees are non-refundable.

2.  WAAC Code of Conduct:

The majority of the swimming experience happens in the pool, involving only swimmers and coaches. Because of this, we cannot ask parents to maintain a constant watch to ensure proper behaviour from their children. As an organization with committed responsibilities for the growth, development, safety and competitive success of our young athletes, the Wilmot Aquatic Aces has adopted the Swim Ontario and Swimming Canada Codes of Conduct. Our Code of Conduct applies to everyone associated with the Club including swimmers, coaches, parents, officials and volunteers. The club endeavours to provide a safe environment for its members and to foster healthy relationships amongst its swimmers. The rules of the Swim team will be in effect at all functions, training sessions and meets where swimmers are acting as representatives of the Club.


a. Expectations:

  • Courtesy, good sportsmanship, co-operation with coaches and respect for the rules they set out for meets, trips, and training sessions
  • Respect for the needs and sensitivities of teammates and competitors;
  • Respect for public and private property, including pool decks, change rooms, and on trips, buses or other vehicles of transportation, hotel rooms, lobbies and other facilities


b. Prohibitions:

  • No drinking or transporting of alcoholic beverages
  • No smoking or chewing tobacco
  • No illegal drugs (which if found, could be turned over to the appropriate authorities)
  • No sexual harassment or other discriminatory behaviour
  • No sexual fraternization on trips
  • No entertaining of outside guests in hotel rooms
  • No bullying


c. Responsibilities of the Swimmer:

  • Attend practices as required
  • Be on time for practices and meets
  • Use the proper attire/equipment including official  WAAC or WOA clothing at meets
  • Leave pool facility promptly at the end of each practice
  • Leave the pool deck and change rooms in a respectable and orderly manner. No damage to facility.
  • Ensure that all  WAAC communications are delivered to parents from mail boxes or as provided by the Coach


d. Responsibilities of the Parent:

  • Ensure swimmer(s) get to practices and meets on time and in case of practices ensure children leave facilities promptly
  • Communicate with coaches as the need arises
  • Ensure that children have proper equipment
  • Most importantly, supply swimmers with emotional support



e. Discipline:

While some behaviours are much more unacceptable than others, any breach of a rule may result in some form of disciplinary action up to and including a temporary suspension, or with the approval of the Board of Directors, dismissal from the Club. Occasionally a coach must discipline a swimmer. Depending on the nature of the problem, the coach may speak privately to the individual and/or to the parents. A swimmer may be asked to leave the pool and remain on deck for the duration of the practice (for safety reasons) or miss a practice or an upcoming meet. As a last resort, a swimmer may be asked to leave the Club. If an issue is not resolved by the coach to the satisfaction of all individuals involved, the issue may be referred to the next level of authority. The order of authority is Head Coach, Board of Directors in the case of swimmer discipline. Termination will require an Executive vote and it may be necessary to involve third party advice. Safety must always take precedence.

f. Complaints and Suggestions:

It is important that the coach not be interrupted during a practice, therefore we have a coach/parent liaison that can either arrange an appropriate time or possibly even answer the questions you may have. Email Formal complaints and suggestions must be submitted in writing and presented directly to a board member or placed in a sealed envelope in a board member’s mail slot. The order of command is President then Vice President. In respect to complaints, the President will first discuss the issue with the Vice President and either resolve the issue, present the issue at the next Executive meeting, or call an emergency meeting with all executive members to discuss the most appropriate plan of action. The compliant will be acknowledged upon receipt and the author of the complaint will be instructed as to who will be the contact executive member. The author of the compliant will be asked to not discuss or have further conversations with other individual board members. No response shall be put forth until both President and Vice President have agreed to plan of action in consultation with the Coach when applicable and with the agreement of the Executive as a majority. It is imperative that discussions remain within the executive and that the author of the complaint only correspond in writing with one board member preferably the President or if conflict of interest the Vice President.

3. Participation Consent Agreement:

WAAC (the Club) strives to ensure a safe environment for its swimmers. However, parents or guardians should understand that injuries can occur during some activities because of the inherent nature of the activity and without neglect on the part of the swimmer or the Club. The parent or legal guardian authorizes the swimmer to participate in Club activities (including local and out of town meets) and releases the Club, its Board of Directors, coaches and chaperones from any and all claims which may arise by reason of the Swimmer’s participation in Club activities, including any and all claims which may arise due to bodily injury or illness. The parent or legal guardian authorizes the Club, its Board of Directors, coaches, chaperones and/or any representative of the Club to authorize such medical attention as may be necessary and appropriate in the circumstances should a swimmer suffer an injury or illness while participating in Club activities and agrees to pay for all medical and any other related expenses incurred in such event. The parent or legal guardian releases the Club, its Board of Directors, coaches, chaperones and/or any representative of the Club from any claim arising from the medical treatment a swimmer may require while participating in club activities. The parent or legal guardian acknowledges that should a swimmer not abide by the rules and expectations as established by the Club, its Board of Directors, coaches, chaperones and/or any representative of the Club while participating in Club activities, at the discretion of the coaches, the swimmer’s participation may be terminated and the swimmer may be sent home immediately at the expense of the parent or legal guardian. Any additional costs incurred by reason of the termination of a swimmer’s participation in club activities, and/ or as a result of the swimmer being sent home will be the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.


4. Publication Consent Agreement:

(Re:  WAAC Web Site, Newsletter, other publications) The Wilmot Aquatic Aces occasionally publish swimmers’ names and images to promote the club and amateur swimming. I understand that as a member of the Wilmot Aquatic Aces, that my child’s name or image may be used in such literature and on the Club website ( I understand that my child’s name and image will not be used for any purpose other than promoting the Wilmot Aquatic Aces Club and that it will not be given to any other organization and/or media group.


5. Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA):

Swim Ontario’s policy with regard to the Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act is a required document. Consent forms must be signed by every family in order for children to be accepted into any club programme. The policy may be accessed for review on Swim Ontario’s website and a link to Swim Ontario's PIPEDA consent form is included in the confirmation email sent on completion of online registration. The parent or legal guardian gives permission to the Wilmot Aquatic Aces to enter required personal information on the Swim Direct database for the purposes outlined in Swim Ontario’s policy. Consent may be withdrawn upon written notice to the Swim Ontario Executive Director, and personal information will be purged from the database. Withdrawal constitutes de-registration. The club will be informed immediately upon receipt of the written notice.
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