Step 1 Contact us to set up an evaluation appointment to determine starting group for your swimmer.

      Coach Spano- or call 281-638-0235

      Coach Mary-

Step 2 Once a starting group has been determined, Register for that group.

Step 3 You will be notified of your registration with additional information.

Step 4 Your swimmer shows up to the scheduled practice for the assigned training group.

Step 5  Your swimmer has FUN and WORKS HARD FOR HIS or HER NEW TEAM!




Competitive Group Registration is different from Non-Competitive Group Registration


*Please note the following:

Competitive Group swimmers register for the entire Short Course season which runs September through the end of March. PLAT swimmers remaining for the Long Course season April through the end of July/first of August, will continue training with their assigned training groups. These swimmers do not need to re-register for Long Course season. Group monthly dues will continue to be billed until the end of the current season.

Non-Competitive Group swimmers register for each new season. (ex. Fall, Spring & Summer) and last for 10 weeks only each season and do not pay monthly group dues as they pay a 1 time seasonal fee based on their assigned group each season. Non-Competitive Group swimmers do not attend USAS sanctioned swim meets unless it is a team "practice meet" or team function.

SHRSL summer recreational league swimmers must declare returning to their summer league teams by March 1 but will continue training with PLAT to end of March. SHRSL swimmers may register for the April Summer League Prep Clinic and may attend 7 days ONLY during the month of April and may not participate in USAS sanctioned meets.

WHALe summer recreational league swimmers must declare returning to their summer league team by March 1. These swimmers are encouraged to register for our April Summer League Prep Clinic and may attend as many practices for their assigned clinic group during the month of April. These swimmers may also remain with PLAT during the Long Course season, April through the end of July. These swimmers need to communicate with the PLAT Coaching Staff if they will be participating in both Long Course and Summer League by March 1.



2018-2019 Registration Waivers and Agreements

PLAT Group Fee Summary

Medical Release Waiver

Liability Waiver

PLAT Billing Policy

Parent Code of Conduct

Athlete Code of Conduct

Apparel Policy

Equipment List

Platinum Aquatics Action Plan to Address Bullying

Platinum Aquatics Electronic Communication Policy

Platinum Aquatics Travel Policy




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