How to Join

Interested in joining?

The first step is to contact us by email ([email protected]) or phone

at 440-263-5676.  We will then schedule an assessment to determine group placement.


COMPETITIVE SWIM TEAM: No matter the time of year, CSI accepts new swimmers based on group availability. An assessment with a coach needs to be done prior to joining the team by either in water swimming assessment or by submitting best times from previous swim team experience. Assessments take 5-10 minutes and can be done most weekdays when practice is being held.  Once the assessment is done you can register online.  Simply click on "New Swimmer Registration" to get started or email [email protected] with any questions. All new swimmers will be given a two week trial period with the team to ensure it's a good fit. If you are transferring from another USA Club Team, please complete and submit the Transfer Form (below).  


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is registration open year-round?  Yes, unless the group is full.  Please be aware that there is an $80 late fee if you register after the season has begun (on/after October 1st).

Do I need to have a credit card on file? Yes.  All accounts require a credit card on file and will be auto-drafted the 1st of each month.  A 3% processing fee will be added to all electronic transactions (apart from registration and Cyclones).  In order to avoid this fee, you may drop check payments off at the black CSI mailbox in the gym at our Broadview Heights location or mail them to 5894 Briarhill Drive - Solon 44139.  Billing Reminders/Invoices will be emailed on the 22nd of each month.  Check payments must be received by the 26th.  In the event that you are delayed, please text an image of your check payment to Katey at 440-463-5366.

Where is the location address of each pool?

Broadview Heights: 1 Eagle Valley Court - 44147

Broadview Heights Pool


Fairview Park Recreation at The Gemini Center: 21225 Lorain Road - 44126

Fairview Park Pool


Western Reserve Academy - High Street - Hudson, OH 44263 (opening during the 2019-2020 season)

How much is due at the time of registration? 

  • Training Installment (see below…varies based on group and commitment level)
  • $50 Seasonal Team Fee / Swimmer
  • $74.25 USA Membership Fee / Swimmer (or $25 FLEX Membership for Developmental group swimmers.  The FLEX Membership allows participation in up to 2 (non-championship) swim meets, whereas the $74.25 membership fee covers unlimited meets. Both membership levels cover insurance for your swimmer). 

*If you choose to cancel within the two-week trial period, all registration money aside from the $50 Team Fee will be refunded. 

What is the Seasonal Team Fee used for?  The Team Fee covers a variety of needs apart from coaches salary, including but not limited to operating expenses, administrative costs, travel expenses for coaches, pool rental needs, purchasing equipment, supplementing scholarships, as well as social events and incentive programs, all which help to enhance the swim team experience.
What is the "Performance" level?  The "Performace" level is an option available to our Age Group swimmers at our Broadview Heights and Hudson locations and includes team only, Sports Performance training fora an additional $49/month.  These dryland classes are held before swim practices on Mon/Wed/Fri from 5:00 - 6:00pm.  Swimmers may upgrade at any time to the Performance level or downgrade at any time to a Swim-Only level. 
What is the "Elite" group?   CSI's Age Group "Elite" Team and National "Elite" Team is for athletes who have achieved specific time-standards and who have decided to pursue Regional, National and even International USA Swimming competitions.  The "Elite" group has been designed specifically for those swimmers who are fully committed to maximizing their swimming potential. Swimmers in this group must receive an invitation from a coach.
What is the commitment level to join the team?  You can swim "seasonally" or "annually".  Swimmers choosing an Annual Commitment will receive a discounted rate.  There are five different registration options: 
(1) Short-Course (Sep - Mar)
(2) School Year (Sep - May)
(3) Spring (Apr & May)
(4) Long-Course (Mar - Aug)
(5) Annual (Sep - Aug)
How much are the training fees?  There are two options when it comes to paying for training fees; you can either pay in full or pay in equal monthly installments.  
How do you handle billing over the High School Season?  High School athletes are billed four (4) consecutive installments (Sep-Dec) and will not be billed the last three (3) months of the Short-Course season; Jan, Feb, Mar. 
What are the practice requirements?  Outside of our "Elite" group, there are no practice requirements.  We simply believe that your personal goals and commitment level should match.  For example, if your goal is to "maintain" and you commit to attending two practices a week...that works!  If your goal is to make it to Champs and you only commit to attending two practices a week, there's a problem.  Our coaches are available throughout the season for "Goal Meetings", where you can meet to discuss not only your goals and commitment level but also what meets and events she/he thinks you should take part in based on your schedule and interests.  
Are we required to participate in swim meets?  While swim meets are not required, there are certain meets that we urge our swimmers to attend since we are training specifically for these meets.  We try to provide (2) Non-Time Standard options per month as well as (2) Time Standard options per month.  In December, we look forward to traveling to Sandusky to participate in The Candy Cane Classic, which is more about having team fun at Kalahari!
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