How to Join and Contacting Kingfish Aquatics

Joining Kingfish

It's easy, When the online registration button is active, click on the Online Registration button on the opening page.  You will create an account for yourself to pay dues and entry fees, create an account for your athletes.  Then Your acocunt will be approved. Twice a month key tags will be issued for new swimmers to get them past the front desk quickly.


Contacting Kingfish Aquatics of Waterford

The best and fastest way to get my attention and a reply from a coach is to click on the "Try out" button on the main page. This will also get you some additional information about the club and what we believe in.

Forms and documents below will be removed as we bring up our online registration process and replaced with infromational documments to help you make a great choice in selecting the best team in Michigan



Application Related Forms