How to Join TEMPO Aquatics

For TEMPO Aquatics tryouts, please complete the Emergency contact information form.  

When you join TEMPO Aquatics, we  will require you to register Online through the Tempo Aquatics Home page- Register Online button. 

You will register your swimmer(s) as well as sign up with a payment method of Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard & Discover) or ACH. Initially your charges will be for:

1.Registration fee per family ($100 / season Sept- July) [Prorated if you are a new family $10/month]

2.Last months fees as pertinent to your swimmer(s) (Blue $150; Green $135 or White $110) [This will pay for July or the final month after we receive 30 days notice of swimmers withdrawal from Tempo]

After initial registration, you will be charged quarterly in October, January, April for 3 months of swimming fees. If you are starting mid season, you will be Invoiced for prorated fees based on your Approval date. 




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