To Join Cerritos Aquatic Club

At this time CAC is only opening membership to Cerritos residents.  Here is what we will need:

*** Please email membership chair via "Contact Us" on the left side of our home page to let us know you are interested in trying out for our club.  Indicate Family name, swimmer's name and age. ***

1)  We will need to verify your residency by showing a utility bill; either attach in email, or bring to pool and show Helena Romero (usually sitting on the bleachers by the clock).  

2)  Membership will notify the head coach that tryouts will occur the 3rd week of every month.

3)  Head coach will either approve to begin registration or recommend more lessons. If Coach approves membership then registration will be available at the pool.

4)  Registration will be open the last week of every month.  You will need a birth certificate and/or a passport for the head coach to verify, and a credit card for payment.  You will fill out all forms at that time. you have any questions, please contact team membership chair via "Contact Us" menu on the left in our home page.    

Remember to complete and return the Southern California Swimming registration form at the pool. You will be charged the membership fees and first month dues during this process, so no additional payment is necessary, BUT...Your registration will not be complete until the form is completed and returned.

If you are a returning member, please contact team membership chair via "Contact Us" menu on the left in our home page.

Application Related Forms