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2018 Fall Session Fees & Registration Information

Summer 2018 Session Dates:  Sept 10, 2018  –  Dec 9, 2018

Session Fees: HSSB charges fees based on the practice group that a swimmer is placed in after tryouts.

      Rookie   White  Blue   Bronze  Silver  Gold 
      $210 $210 $225 $240 $275 $275

HSSB has three sessions per year (Fall, Winter, Summer). Fees are payable each session. Swimmers are not obliged to participate in all three sessions.

USA Swimming (USAS) Fee:  Swimmers must also be members of USA Swimming (payable only once per calendar year, not per session). USAS membership will be valid through December 2019.

USA Swimming
$66 / year

Family Discount: Families will be granted a 10% discount against fees for their second and subsequent children that join HSSB. The discount will be applied to the swimmer(s) in the most junior level of the team at the start of each session.

Fall Home Meet (TBD - Nov, 2018):  Participation is mandatory for swimmers. Each family must volunteer for a minimum of 2 volunteer working positions and donate a listed food item or $25 toward concessions. If job requirements are not met, a $50 penalty will be applied to your account per job not met, up to a maximum of $100.

Notes:   HSSB and USAS fees are non-refundable. The fees noted above include all HSSB session and Home Meet registration fees. There will no additional charges for your swimmer to participate in the Home Meet. Participation in optional meets hosted by other clubs will incur a charge set forth by the hosting club. 


Registration Process:  

New Swimmers generally attend tryouts first.  Upon making the team, you will be able to register online.  Further instructions will be provided to new families after tryouts. As part of the online registration process, you will pay your registration fees by credit card.  New swim families will register for automatic checking account withdrawal (ACH) or recurring credit card payments through our website ( - families are responsible for paying he credit card transaction fees if you choose to pay by credit card. Additional fees, such as meet entry fees, will be withdrawn monthly (see billing section for details).
Existing HSSB Swimmers were sent an email with registration information.  You will be directed to the HSSB website to respond with your intent to join.  The HSSB treasurer will advise when fees are due for the session. By signing up through the HSSB website, you will accept the terms and conditions for Medical Release / Liability / Billing / Home Meet Requirements / Concussion Policy / Anti-Bullying Policy.  You will remain active on the HSSB website.  If you do not respond with your intent to join, your HSSB account will be suspended.  Please contact with any questions.
High School Swimmers will be able to join prior to (boys) or after (girls) their respective high school season with pro-ration of fees. HSSB is only able to offer fee pro-ration for high school swimming.
College Swimmers may also join at the end of their spring semester for the remainder of the HSSB summer session. USA Swimming membership fees will be required. Contact our coaches for further information.
Billing: HSSB uses an automated billing system that charges your account (payable with bank ACH or credit card) automatically on the first of the month. A billing summary will be emailed the last week of the month to notify our families of upcoming charges.
Session fees are due in full at the start of the session. Additional fees such as meet fees are billed monthly.
Full payment must be received by the 15th of the month to avoid a $25 late fee and account suspension.  Any returned checks, denied ACH or credit card transactions will be charged a $30 service fee.
The Storm Breakers website ( contains practice schedules, meet information and signup, coaches contact information, and links to state and national swimming websites. If you choose not to register for the session, you won’t be considered an “Active” member. Access to website and emails will be suspended until future registration.


By signing up for this session through the HSSB website, I hereby acknowledge, agree and consent to the following terms and conditions as follows:
(i) The amount of any and all meet, registration, administrative, USA Swimming, and any other fees or charges related to HSSB’s provision of services to me, assessed by HSSB and charged to my billing account;
(ii) Late Fees at $25.00 per month, until the account balance shall be paid in full or sent to collections;
(iii) Any other late charges and collection costs that may become due as provided in this agreement.
Medical and Safety Information:
For better access of medical, allergy and insurance information, be sure to review and/ or update your account information contained on the HSSB website.  This form must be completed, signed and returned before swimmers can participate in practices or meets.
I hereby grant permission in case of injury or serious illness, to have an athletic trainer and/or licensed medical doctor provide me with emergency medical assistance and/or treatment.
If you are under 18 years of age, a parent/legal guardian must provide consent for you to be given medical assistance and/or treatment as defined above by signing immediately below. By so signing, the parent/legal guardian hereby absolves Howard-Suamico Storm Breakers and/or its representative from legal recourse if actions to obtain such medical care are obtained in good faith under circumstances believed to be threatening to the athlete’s health or well being.
I fully understand that the Howard-Suamico Storm Breakers require vigorous physical activity.  I hereby represent and acknowledge that my child/children’s physical condition permits that he/she/them to safely participate in the swim team practices and meets.  I further acknowledge that my swimmer(s) have been advised that at any time the swimmer(s) is having physical difficulty; the swimmer(s) will immediately inform the coach. The swimmer(s) further realizes that the swimmer(s) will not be accepted for participation in the program if the coaches know of any reason why participation would be dangerous to the swimmers health.  I also release and discharge on behalf of myself, my heirs, assigns and successors in interest, all officers, directors, agents and employees and other representatives of the Howard Suamico Storm Breakers and/or the Howard Suamico school district and its insurers, for any and all claims, damages, demands and liabilities arising out of any of its practices, meet procedures or other results attain there from.
By signing this form I acknowledge that I have read the Parent Concussion and Head Injury Information and understand what a concussion is and how it may be caused. I also understand the common signs, symptoms, and behaviors. I agree that my child must be removed from practice/play if a concussion is suspected. I understand that it is my responsibility to seek medical treatment if a suspected concussion is reported to me. I understand that my child cannot return to practice/play until providing written clearance from an appropriate health care provider to his/her coach. I understand the possible consequences of my child returning to practice/play too soon.
Other Information
I have also read the HSSB Anti-Bullying Action Plan, Locker Room Usage Policy, and Electronic Communication Policy. I understand that bullying of any kind is unacceptable at HSSB and will not be tolerated. I understand the HSSB Electronic Communication Policy regarding acceptable methods of electronic communication between adults and minors within our club.  I have reviewed these policies with my swimmer and checked the boxes by their name above as proof.
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