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2019/2020 Fall/Winter Season Information

Session Dates (2019/2020 Fall/Winter): 

Fall:  September 9 through December 8, 2019
Winter:  December 9, 2019 through February 23, 2020

Session Fees:
HSSB charges fees based on the
practice group that a swimmer is placed in after tryouts. HSSB also recently completed an adjustment to fees to ensure that shorter seasons are charged less, and longer seasons are charged a bit more than before.

Fall 2019 and Winter 2020 Fees

   Rookie     White   Blue    Bronze    Silver    Gold 
Fall $190 $190 $205 $220 $255 $255
Winter   $145 $145 $160 $170 $200 $200


Home Meet Fee: A MANDATORY $25 Home Meet Fee is also charged to each member registered for the fall and winte session. This will cover the entry fees for the fall and winter home meets.


Spring/Summer 2020 Tentative Planned Fees (Subject to Change)

   Rookie     White   Blue    Bronze    Silver    Gold 
Spring Only $130 $130 $140 $155 $180 $180
Summer Only $130 $130 $140 $155 $180 $180
Both $234 $234 $252 $279 $324 $324

Other Fees:

Home Meet Fee: A MANDATORY $25 Home Meet Fee is also charged to each member registered for the spring and/or summer session. This will cover the entry fees for the swimmer for the May home meet.

Gold Plus: Optional Gold Plus practices will be offered in the Summer session for a surcharge of $30.


USA Swimming Fee:

Swimmers must also be members of USA Swimming (payable only once per calendar year, not per session). Membership will be valid through December 2020.

8 & Under  $62 / year
9 & Over  $72 / year


Spring/Summer Discount: Families swimming both the Spring and Summer sessions will receive a 10% discount against the Spring and Summer base session fees. The discount is reflected in the prices shown above.

Multiple-Swimmer Discount: Families will be granted a 10% discount against base session fees for their second and subsequent children that join HSSB. The discount will be applied to the swimmer(s) with the least-expensive fees at the start of each session.

This discount does not apply against the Home Meet fees or Gold Plus fees. 


Fall  Home Meet (Nov 2-3, 2019):

Participation is mandatory for swimmers. Each family must volunteer for a minimum of 2 volunteer working positions and donate a requested food item or $25 toward concessions. If job requirements are not met, a $50 penalty will be applied to your account per job not met, up to a maximum of $100. You may find substitute workers (friends, family, etc.) as well.



HSSB and USA Swimming fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. There will no additional charges for your swimmer to participate in the Home Meet or the exhibition meet that we have in September. Participation in optional meets hosted by other clubs will incur a charge set forth by the hosting club. 

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