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The practice calendars have been updated for September and October.  A few notes:
  • Due to coach’s availability, Golden Nuggets have 3 practices scheduled each week.  If we are able, at a later date, to add a 4th session, we will do so.  This age group is recommended to attend 2-3 practices each week.   
  • Age Group 1 will be finished with practice between 5 – 5:15 each practice session.  Age Group 2 will be done between 5:15-5:30. If possible, please plan on your swimmer practicing on Wednesdays – these are big groups and on Wednesdays we are able to spread them out and work in smaller crowds. Age Group 1 is recommended to attend practice 2-4 times per week and Age Group 2 is recommended 3-4 times per week.
  • Please only send your child to practice when their group is scheduled.  If their group is not scheduled, a coach is not present to work with them and this creates a safety hazard.
  • Swimmers, especially new ones, may move around a bit the first few weeks of practice until we see where they best fit.  Generally by later October groups change very little and the entire group progresses together for the rest of the season.
  • If you have major scheduling conflicts on your swimmers practice days please talk to a coach. We may be able to accommodate them in a different group, but this is not guaranteed and must be OK’d ahead of time.
  • Piggybacking on the above bullet, although we do not follow a school schedule (we have swimmers from several districts) there are some days when several districts do not have school.  Some of those days will have different practice times scheduled. If siblings are scheduled at different times or your swimmer is in school that day, let a coach know and we will try to work with you.
  • Coaches have the final say as to who is part of each practice group.  Please read under the tab “Swim Groups” and scroll down to “An Explanation on Training Groups”  - you will read that there is NO undesired group on our team. Swimmers are placed where coaches feel they best fit to improve.  Many factors are taken into consideration.
  • Beginning in Nov. Sr/Sr Prep will add in a dryland program and practice will be 3:45 - 6:30 on Tues/Thurs. 
  • Remember that a parent must attend ONE MANDATORY meeting in October.  This is for new and returning swimmers. Dates are Oct. 15th or 28th. 



**If you do not know what training squad your swimmer is in please ask.  You can also find this under "My Account - Members - Click on Swimmers Name - scroll down to roster group".  Descriptions of the groups can be found under Swim Group.  If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to ask.

All swimmers are expected to be on time for all practices and to be at practice for the entire scheduled practice unless parents have communicated to the coaches that they will be late or leaving early.  "On time" means being on deck with caps and goggles in place. Those with repeated unexplained tardiness will not be allowed to practice until a meeting can be set with parents, swimmers and coaches.  


Please check the website the last week of each month for the following months final schedule, as changes may occur as the season progresses.  When viewing the calendar make sure the drop down menu is for the month and year you are looking for (below right), as well as General Calendar  or for your swimmers specific group (above left). 




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