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Fall Clinic: 9/3-10/5

Fall Training Camp: 10/6-11/9

Winter Season: 11/11-3/29

Spring Clinic:3/30-5/2

Spring Training Camp: 5/4-6/5

Summer Season: 6/8-8/1


-Beginning September 3rd:
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday*
Age Group 6-7pm 6-7pm 6-7pm 6-7pm 6-7pm 7-8:15am
Junior Prep 6-7pm 6-7:30pm 6-7pm 6-7:30pm 6-7pm 6:30-8:15am
Junior 5:30-7pm 6-7:30pm 5:30-7pm 6-7:30pm 5:30-7pm 6:30-8:15am
Senior Prep 5:30-7pm 6-8pm 5:30-7pm 6-8pm 5:30-7pm 5:45-8:15am
Senior 5-7pm 6-8pm 5-7pm 6-8pm 5-7pm 5:45-8:15am

*Saturday practices will begin at Sandburg on September 14th.  

**Athletes are expected to arrive at practice 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.  5 minutes to get ready, 5 minutes to set-up for practice, 5 minutes to activate muscles and review practice objectives to prepare to get started in the water.

*all practices to be held @Carl Sandburg Middle School (unless otherwise noted)

-High Performance morning practices: remain unchanged & are by invitation only.  Those wishing to become involved in these practices should contact Coach Ray.

PRACTICE POLICY ON MEET WEEKENDS:  unless otherwise stated practices that conflict with meets will be canceled, so Coaches may attend meets.  Exceptions will be listed on the program calendar.



*modification will be made to accommodate- holidays, school schedules, meets, & taper.  These will be posted on the training group calendars on the website, which will represent the actual training schedule for each group.

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