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WH2O Training Plan
Follow our color coded workout themes in the team calendar below (hover over workout to view theme):

Aerobic Capacity/Distance: The most traditional approach to swim training. Focus on developing endurance with more volume and less rest as you challenge your aerobic threshold.
High Intensity Training:Ignore the clock! Don't count your yards! This workout is all about challenging your limits with race-style speed and power-oriented stroke drills. Quiet your mind and listen to your body as you learn more about stroke efficiency and push your maximum effort.
Racing Speed for Mid-Distance to Distance Free: Similar to High Intensity Training, but with an endurance twist. Learn to better use and trust your body clock and effort level without the aid of intervals.
Sprint and Technique: Short bursts of top speed and maximum power, with an opportunity to sharpen your technique and improve stroke efficiency.
Stroke/Aerobic to Anaerobic Threshold: Variety is the spice of life! This workout gives swimmers the opportunity for a more dynamic workout with a balanced approach with a mixture of aerobic and anaerobic challenges, and the flexibility for each swimmer to personalize sets to their own goals.
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