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Meet Schedule & Practice Calendar:

Our Winter practice schedule will be forthcoming, once finalized.  This area will contain updated information for our Weekly/Monthly practice times. If Riptide experiences any last minute changes to practice, we will look to alert you via email and our Team Feed that day.  


Fall 2020 Outdoor Practice Schedule Group 2-3

September 14 - October 2

Forest Hills Park Association Pool









   Riptide    2






   Riptide     3



3:15-  5:15p




   Forest Hills Park Assocation    847 Greenbrier Dr SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Due to Covid, the landing page for the calendar does not contain meets for the season. When we are able to return to indoor pools and are able to resume meets we will post our competition schedule. Here is some information on swim meets:

Riptide competes in the West Michigan Swim League (WMSL) and USA Swimming (USAS).
  • The WMLS league offers superb opportunity to participate in dual meets with shorter events and timelines as well as Invitationals, while the purpose of this league is developmental and we encourage our younger swimmers to attend, these meets and invitationals are open to all Riptide Swimmers including Jr Riptide team members.
  • USA Swimming meets are for those swimmers who hold a USA Swimming member registration. These meets vary in location, format and are most often held over a weekend. These meets are for our Level I – Senior swimmer, but any Jr Riptide swimmer is encouraged to attend with a USA Membership. If you are a Jr Riptide Parent who is interested in swimming in USA meets, please contact your coaching staff for instructions.
  • Home intersqaud meets are scheduled for our Jr Riptide program. Jr Riptide swimmers are also encouraged to participate in WMSL Dual Meets and Invites during the winter and summer sessions.

A Fall/Winter grid of meets, location, and attendance recommendation can be found here. Michigan Swimming Time Q2 standards are linked here and Q1 time standards are linked here. Region 3 Sectional Time Standards are listed here.

When USA and WMSL meets are "live" you can click on the meet and be taken directly to the meet information to register. You may also click on the Events tab at the top of the . A grid for championships meets and progression can be found under our Documents tab. This document is very helpful for parents of younger swimmers!

As always if you have questions about practice schedules or swim meets, please speak to your group coach or email us by clicking on the "Contact Us" button on the left side of the page. Your question will be sent to our coaching staff. 

We are looking forward when indoor pools reopen to begin a great Short Course Session. 

Your Riptide Coaching Staff

2020-2021 USA & WMSL Meet Schedule will be posted here when approved

One WMSL dual meet or invite is required to swim WMSL championship meet. WMSL (Jr -Level I - Senior)

Riptide Coaches reserve the right to change or adjust this schedule at any time especially if meet registration is low 
for a particular meet or MS Meet schedule changes. 

Hotels Information: When away meets may necessitate lodging away from home, Riptide will work with hotels and travel representatives to set up team accomodations. Team members are not required to stay overnight at meets, and can also arrange separate lodging accomodations.  

Hotel blocks have been reserved for the following meets:

No meets on the Michigan Swimming Schedule




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