We are here to support your needs. If your questions are related to workouts, meets, events, goal setting, and other swimming related needs, please contact one of the coaches. For all questions related to administration, such as dues, safety, or policy issues, please contact a member of the Board of Directors.

Coaching Staff

Kurt Murphy

Director of Swimming


The 2016-17 season will be Kurt's seventh with the Delta Sungod Swim Club and his 5th as the Head Coach.  He is looking forward to the continued improvements seen last season in all aspects of the club.  Coach Kurt will be in charge of the TAG group, a Dragons Learn to Compete Group and the overall administration of the club.  It is his hope that his brand of coaching will lead to great personal improvements for all swimmers in the club and a smoothly run season for parents and volunteers.

Kurt believes that every child can achieve excellence and that the correct training and motivation will lead them to that achievement.  Success begets success; by starting with small manageable challenges. Building from there an athlete can reach his or her goals; whatever they are striving for.

Kurt is NCCP level 2 qualified and holds an honours degree in human kinetics. 

Maxime Maréchal-McCoy

Assistant Head Coach


2017-2018's season will be Maxime's third one with the Delta Sungod Swim Club. He will pursue his work with the Developmental Age group and will take over the Competition Development (CompDev) group.

He swam competitively for about 13 years, and has experience as a national level swimmer in both France and in Canada. As from this year, seeing all his swimmers d great in swim meets, he's decided to train and compete as well! Hopefully gearing towards some Masters Championships.

After 2 successful years of engineering, he decided to go back to his field of choice: sports and psychology. He holds a bachelor degree in Sports Science and a Master’s degree in Kinesiology. Maxime also has experience as a head coach in Montreal for a winter season, and has taught swimming in both France and Japan, where he spent a year. 

Coach Maxime believes in developing kids as individuals, helping them blossom as persons and achieve their goals. He shares his values of respect, honesty, teamwork, personal investment, and fun, which he believes are key for success on a performance and a human level.

Coach Maxime is certified NCCP level 2.

We are what we repeateadly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. - Aristotle

Erin Taylor

JAG Coach & Regional Coach


Erin is excited to return for her Fourth season with Delta Sungod Swim Club. She will be working with the CompDev and JAG groups. As a past Sungod swimmer she is happy to be a part of the club and to continue to help it grow into the future through her experiences. 

Erin has a background in the sports science program from Douglas College as well as a Special Education Diploma.

Jaffa Winick

Dragons Learn to Compete Coach



The 2015/2016 season will be Jaffa’s fourth season with Delta Sungod Swim Club. She is looking forward to another great season. Coach Jaffa is responsible for the regional group as well as the ComDev group.  Jaffa believes in honest effort and individual excellence, each athlete is different but they all can achieve what they set out to do if they work their hardest. 

Logan Warkentin

Dragons Learn to Compete Coach


Logan has been a member of the Delta Sungod Swim Club for the past 8 years; swimming at a provincial level for 6 of them. Her plan once graduated from high school is to study Sports Psychology to aid future athletes in achieving their goals and dreams. Logan enjoys her involvement with the young swimmers and is hoping to instil her passion and knowledge in them. Logan believes in having fun while working hard to be your best.

  “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams” -Henry David Thoreau