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Coaching Staff

David Loyola

Head Coach - SR


My Philosophy: I believe in "Developing Excellence” as a swimmer, as an athlete, as a student and as a person.  While there are common themes to any great program, our swimmers need to understand that there are no short cuts.  Proper training takes planning, time and commitment.  The average age of Olympians swimmers winning medals is now in the mid to late twenties.  We have time to properly develop our champions.

I believe in the teaching of fundamental in all four strokes.  With this focus on developing a skill diverse swimmer, it will help the swimmers continue to success as they mature and grow with in our sport.   Longevity and the process of learning the sport is my key focus.  Developing swimmers who are students of our sport.

Specializing and training at an early age will lead to early success.  I’ve learned that there is a cost for this early focus on success.  It will lead to an increase in training injuries and also to early retirement from our sport.  The Alberta records are littered with provincial record holder that never made it pass the age of 14-16 in our sport.  We have time.  I want kids moving through our program that are ready to handle to demands of each level.  Not ones that have been pounded into the ground and have very little left in their career.

I try to teach, train and motivate the swimmers to achieve their full potential and to have them understand how this path will help them in all aspects of their lives.

I want to swimmers to dream the big dream, but I also want them to understand the that process of chasing the dream is as beneficial, if not more then achieving the dream itself.

Am I a sprint coach? Am I a distance coach?  I have had success coaching all strokes and distances.  I think my job is a talent developer.  I love teaching swimmers in year one how to start their love with our sport and I love teaching swimmers striving to represent Canada on the international scene.

My hopes are that our program develops athletes who are their own champions of their beliefs.

Dream It! Train It! Live it!

Alexx Diep

Ast. Head Coach and AG3 - Airdrie


I have a few coaching highligths in my 21 years career and I remember them all fondly. My most recent highlight was my selection on the Canada Games coaching staff for the 50 year anniversary edition. It was a slow and long journey to get to the Games but I enjoyed every single minute of that journey. I truly enjoyed coaching the athletes at the Canada Games and that brought me a renewed inspiration to continue my working with young dedicated NCSA athletes to hopely help them attain the same level in the next four years. My only hope is the Games experience will also bring them validation that their commitment to improving themselves will pay off. That hard work does convert into success and great life experiences. 

I am excited about the 2017-18 season! I completed my NCCP Senior Coach Level 3 certification last summer and this opens the door for me to attend more high level competitions as well as other apprenticeship opportunities. I met many smart coaches during the process of completing the certification and I took notes of their great ideas to add to the fresh ideas I want to try with the AG3 this season. That is why I am excited for this season, I want to see how I can contribute to all the NCSA swimmers in developing their skills and speed.

Alex Schultze

AG3 - Calgary


It’s about developing smart and independent athletes. We give the kids the tools to build great strokes. We give the kids the racing strategies and tactics and we provide an environment where these skills can be tested daily. We build workouts designed to create success. Success from hitting performance benchmarks in workouts and success from achieving technical skills. Each small victory helps develop the confidence to execute those skills on command with known and repeatable results. They know what they can do and, more importantly, they do them on a daily basis. By the time a big meet comes up the races themselves become a follow through of our training. 

But it starts with a small victory. Empowering the kids to learn for themselves and adapt to the small challenges issued on a daily basis. Learning from one day to the next and taking ownership in their training. I become another tool in their kit on the road to being a better athlete. 

Robin Loyola

AG1 Airdrie & AG2 - Calgary


I started coaching because of my love of swimming. I wanted to give back to the sport that has given me so much. My goal as a coach is to ensure that every swimmer gains the fundamentals needed to achieve any future goal they set their mind to. Leave no doors of opportunity closed off. Swimming is a passion of mine that I want to share with every swimmer that I have the privilege to coach. Swimming has personally made me stronger, both physically and mentally, more dedicated and determined. It has also given me the confidence that has made me approach everything in life with the determination to succeed.
I truly believe and live by the quote from Augusta F. Kantra " Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most."

Kari Ferguson

AG1 & AG2 - Airdrie


As a coach I believe in celebrating each individual swimmers personal best both in and outside of the pool – swimming is what they do, not who they are and they are all incredible people.   I am a strong believer in balancing the FUN in Fundamentals along side hard work, respect, dedication and commitment, giving my athletes skills that they will use throughout their swimming careers and into their lives beyond sport.

Justin Van Dewark

AG1 - Calgary


I've swam competitively with NCSA from 2007 - 2014. I got to grow up with this club, my team members and  the coaches. I'm honored that I now call many of those same coaches my Colleagues. Over the years I've had many good memories. I remember the absolute elation at getting my first A-time. Pumping my fist into the air (nearly drowning in my happiness) in the Finals of a meet that I only made it into because not 1, not 2 but 3 people scratched, giving me the opportunity to get my A-time that night. I remember when I was unable to kick due to injury and how tired my arms were from doing pull constantly, only to find out 2 weeks later how much stronger those arms felt, when I was able to kick again. I remember only 2 nights ago talking to my "non-swimmer" friends about the jobs we've had to take to help pay are way through university, and all the jealous looks as I told them about how awesome a job coaching is. They could see how much I genuinely enjoyed continuing in the sport of swimming even though it was in a capacity that I would have never imagined back when I started at 11 years old.
 On my Journey to where I am now, I tried every sport: fencing, cross country running, soccer, till I settled on swimming. Originally I thought I would be a distance swimmer but I ended up being a sprinter. Before being the AG1 coach, I coached Stage 1, Stage 2, AG2, even our Masters squad. I try to impress upon my swimmmers to try new things and fall in love with those things. Whether its broad like trying multiple sports or very specific like trying a new swimming technique, I believe that as an athlete or a coach it is important to be open and enthusiastic to change.
 As A coach I also find it important to allow my swimmers the opportunity evaluate what they like about swimming. I can share my memories, my likes and dislikes from when I was a swimmer, but I never expect my athletes to share the same perspective. Instead I prioritize exposing them to as much of the sport as possible and allowing them to define what the sport means to them. Because this is what will be meaningful to them on the occasions they struggle and need to remember why they keep swimming. Not why coach, or why mom and dad keep swimming but why they love swimming

Mark Corah

AG1 - Calgary


I competitively swam for 17 seasons and am now entering my 7th year as a coach. I believe swimming prepares you for the real challenges in life. Its about more then getting faster, it encompasses the teachings of life skills that help establish success and longevity. Reflections of what I learned from swimming now govern my day to day existence. Its healing, penetrative, and freeing. Within the silence that engulfs a swimmer a true understanding of what limitations are and how we can break through them is reached.  As a coach I look to pass on the same life lessons I gathered through countless hours in the pool. Swimming can be heart breaking at times, but it also carries with it the joy of life long friendship and jubilation of meeting your goals. I am a strong believer in the LTAD model, preaching technique and fun above all else. I look forward to wearing the orange and purple for NCSA this season. 

Dani Loyola

AG2 Assistant - Calgary


I swam competitively for NCSA from 1996 – 2011. This club was my second family, the teammates and coaches all played a large part in my life growing up. The pride I felt wearing the NCSA made it very hard to move on from NCSA when I went on to university and swam with the U of C Dinos for five years. In those five years, I competed at the National level and helped my team towards several podium finishes at the Canadian University Nationals.
I coach because I love the sport. I love the sport because of what it has given me. I believe that through swimming you learn through the challenges you face. The dedication you learn growing up in a sport has been a huge aspect of my life. I hope that in my coaching I can pave the pathway for my swimmer to develop skills not only in swimming but also in their life to make them better.

Susan Benoit

AG2 & AG1 Airdrie


"Richness lies in helping others achieve their potential."

The sport of swimming gives us so much, it teaches us fitness, health, friendships, memories and a love with water that is difficult to describe. You can enrich this further by donating your expertise and time. That is what I want to do for my swimmers.  I want to help these swimmers see and feel their bodies change in the water. Teach and strive for their outermost talent and abilities and be the best swimmer, athlete and human being they can be.  

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."        Goethe

Mykayla Rosher

AG1 Calgary Assistant


I swam competitively with NCSA for 8 years. Swimming has been such a large part of who I am and I want to give back to the sport that has taught me some of the most important life skills there is to learn. Swimming has given me lifelong friendships and taught me how to handle criticism. I’ve learned how to win and how to lose, it taught me discipline and most importantly you must work hard for the things you want. There is more to this sport than getting faster, it teaches you life skills that will lead to success. I hope to share my passion for swimming as well as allow swimmers to develop skills not only in swimming, but skills they can carry with them throughout life.