2017/18 Coaching Staff

Brian Johns

Head Coach / Director of Swimming


Brian joins VPSC after serving as the Assistant Coach for the UBC Thunderbird Varsity Team and the UBC Dolphins for the past 4 years.  Prior to that, Brian represented Canada internationally from 1998 to 2012, including qualifying for the 2000, 2004 and 2008 Olympics.

In his time on-deck, he has helped holistically develop varsity athletes and has helped guide them towards great performances in the water while ensuring they continue to excel in their academic goals.  Brian's swimmers have gone on to compete internationally for Canada and have also achieved numberous academic All-Canadian honors.

In developing younger swimmers, Brian firmly believes that swimmers can not just achieve success in and out of the water, but having success away from the pool will actually enhance their potential in the water.  It is this holistic development attitude that Brian hopes to bring throughout the entire club at VPSC as we compete at the highest levels provincially and nationally.

Elliott Lee

Senior Provincial


Elliott has been swimming his entire life, with various clubs throughout BC, and went on to swim with the UBC Varsity team following high school. He coached summer swimming between years of schooling, which culminated with 3 seasons as head coach of the Vancouver Vikings. Following that, Elliott coached as the Assistant Head Coach of the Winskill Dolphins for 3 seasons, and have most recently had assistant coach positions with the UBC Varsity team under Steve Price, and the Vancouver High Performance Centre under Tom Johnson.

Elliott wants to be part of a club that he can share his values with. He believes the direction VPSC is headed under the guidance of Brian Johns, is one he can enthusiastically align with. His philosophy is best described as one that rewards commitment and discipline proportionally. Fair and distributed coaching is a principle he adheres to, however, it cannot go without saying that those who are willing to fully engage themselves will experience a more synchronized coach/athlete relationship, and this will happen organically. He is also convinced that the bridge to a successful working relationship must first be extended by the coach, and must prompt reciprocal actions in the swimmer, and it must be understood that the principles of investment are a learning process and will be met with patient guidance, but an unwavering standard. The final objective is that swimmers in Elliott's group will experience not only swimming success, but a foundation of skills that will allow them to be successful in all facets of life.

Andre Kudaba

Junior Provincial


Jason Chugh

Regional Lead / Junior Regional


Jason has over 15 years of coaching experience some of the top clubs in Canada and Australia.  Prior to coming to VPSC in 2014, he coached at the Pointe-Claire Swm Club, Queensland Academy of Sport, Edmonton Keyano Swim Club and Abbotsford Olympians.

Jason's philosophy is that better people make better athletes.  He strives to create athletes that are well-rounded and are real competitors.  As well, Jason teaches his swimmers to be respectful in success or in defeat and are eager to learn and improve.

For Jason, it's not just important for the swimmers to develop in the water, but also understand the needs of the community around them so that they grow to be great athletes, students and people.

Whitley Sheehan

Senior Regional


Marin McGinnis

Youth Regional


Marin swam competitively for 17 years, competing at the National level, including placing top 5 in the country as a youth swimmer and top 16 as a senior swimmer. He spent 2 years competing for SFU where he was a 6-time All-American at the NAIA Championships. Outside of swimming, he has been involved in action sports and the lifestyle industry for the last 14 years working as a sales manager and brand marketer.

Marin has worked with Regional Lead Jason Chugh on a number of projects outside of the swimming world and has now taken the opportunity to share his experiences in order to help young athletes mature both as an athlete and as a person. He is eager to share his wealth of knowledge not just from swimming but also from his experience outside of the sport in order to develop our athletes holistically.

Marin has coached 1 year with VPSC, leading the Red Dolphins group last year. His goal as a coach is to continue to pass along the values of commitment, work ethic and consistency to young athletes so that they can continue to develop within the sport and use these values beyond the sport.

Fun fact: Marin gets grumpy without food + coffee, this can be pacified with a grande Americano 1/2 full, black. He also enjoys snuggles with his kitty, and really long walks in the mountains.

Kennedy Aragon-Scriven

Developmental Lead / Gold / Silver 2


Kennedy swam competitively at Pacific Coast Swimming for 8 years, achieving the Western National Standard in 100m & 200m butterfly during 2015 and 2016 seasons. In addition to swimming, she also spent the latter half of her time at PCS as a coach in their learn to swim program and introductory competitive levels. Kennedy is dedicated to creating a challenging and fun practice environment that fosters a sense of community within the team and provides swimmers with opportunities to learn and grow as athletes.
When she's not coaching at Lord Byng Pool, Kennedy divides her time between the UBC Campus (in class, giving campus tours, or attending Masters Swimming practice) and going on adventures around Vancouver with her roommates. 
Kennedy is always happy to answer any questions or chat about the Youth Development program at VPSC, and can be reached at

Louisa Tsang

Silver 1 / Bronze 1


Louisa swam competitively with the Burnaby Mountain Mantas Summer Swim Club for 16 years, attending multiple provincial championships from a young age. She began coaching at the same club for 3 years as a Junior Coach, then went on to being the Assistant Head Coach for 2 years. Previously, she was a high performance national level athlete in biathlon for 7 years before retiring to focus on her academic endeavours. Soon after, Louisa transitioned to coaching year round for Hyack Swim Club in New Westminster for 2.5 years before joining the coaching staff at VPSC.

Ultimately, Louisa aims to transfer her knowledge and experiences to her athletes to assist in creating long term athletes and more inportantly, well rounded young adults. She is a strong believer that there is no goal too big or small to achieve with time, effort, and some fun along the way!

Academically, Louisa is working towards her Bachelor in Kinesiology at UBC to pursue a career in sports medicine. Outside of swimming, she coaches cross country skiing at Cypress Mountain and is an avid paddler with the UBC Current Dragon Boat Team. You can definitely find her on some form of water - on snow, the ocean, at the pool, you name it!

Ryder McGinnis

Silver 3


Jacqueline Lee

Bronze 2


This is Jacqueline's second season as a VPSC junior development coach. She enjoys coaching the young swimmers because of their endless energy and enthusiasm for swimming. Jacqueline previously swam with VPSC for 2 years and loves the competitive environment, therefore choosing to coach after discontinuing her own swimming career.

Her goal this season is to get all the swimmers in her group to enjoy and come eager to improve in each practice. This year, Jacqueline is in grade 12 at York House School and hopes to continue her studies at UBC, close to home. In her free time, Jacqueline enjoys listening to music and studying. Go VPSC!

Lawrence Lam

Club Manager / Regional Assistant