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Coaching Staff

James G Nickell

Head Coach, CEO


Jim is one of the best club coaches in the country with an impressive 30 year history.

Since the Olympic Trials in 2000, he has coached athletes that have achieved the following: World Championships, Barcelona, Spain 2003; Pan Pacific Championships, Yokohama, Japan 2002; Goodwill Games, Brisbane, Australia 2001; and two swimmers on the National Junior Team, Barcelona Spain 2002. In addition, he has recently coached numerous swimmers who are currently competing at the NCAA Division I level.

The results above do not occur without teaching and instruction at the age group level. Jim directs an age group swim program that is focused on skill development and fun. Although the majority of his time on deck is spent coaching the older groups, he plays an integral part in the development of all the swimmers on the team.
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Jane Ellen-Montgomery Eller

Splash groups


Coach Jane has been with the Loveland Swim Club for more than 20 years of teaching.

She works with our Splash Group on building swimming fundamentals. Coach Jane is responsible for introducing 100's  if not 1000's of Loveland Swim Club swimmers to the sport and learning the enjoyment of swimming.

Sheryl Sussbauer

Splish Group Leader


Sheryl is the first coach many swimmers have starting in the Splish Group.

    “They are so open and enthusiastic. They’re just wide open, and they want to learn. They enjoy everything. I can’t have a bad day when I teach kids. I get caught up in their enthusiasm, and I give them enthusiasm right back.”

    Sheryl's goal is to give her students the basics they need and do it in a fun environment.  Her role is to get her beginning students to swim two lengths of the diving well at the Hewson Aquatic Center in both freestyle and backstroke, learn the dolphin and breaststroke kicks and the safety to be able to tread water for 30 seconds. In essence, the building blocks that lead to a strong swimmer.  Sheryl's ultimate goal is to pass on to them a lifetime’s worth of enjoyment in the water.

     “I stock them with fundamentals. They can’t do backstroke until they can kick on their back, and they can’t kick on their back until they have some idea how to float. It’s a progression that leads them to good swimming.”
    “I’m giving them the first positive, fun experience to swimming. Swimming isn’t a chore. It’s fun, and they can learn to swim quickly.”

Maria Strait

Greeley Coach


Dale Allen Leonhart

Age Group Coach


Austin Southard


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