Coaches & Directors

We are here to support your needs. If your questions are related to workouts, meets, events, goal setting, and other swimming related needs, please contact one of the coaches. For all questions related to administrative, such as dues, safety, or policy issues, please contact one of the board members.

Coaching Staff

Tom Steuer

Head Coach



Tom has 18 years of coaching and team management experience. He has coached several US National and US Olympic qualifiers and an Olympic trial finalist. Coach Tom holds a BS degree in Social Studies and Education from Ithaca College and attended extensive continuous professional development courses. He has recently moved to Buffalo area after spending two years in Ethiopia teaching in an International School in Addis Ababa. Tom’s former coaching experiences include Director/Head Coach position at Albany Starfish Swim Club, Head Coach at Delaware Otters Swim club, and Head Assistant of University of Delaware Men and Women Swimming, as well as Head Assistant at Darien YMCA, CT.

Coach Tom enjoys helping swimmers to reach their full potential and growing teams into winning organizations.


Amanda H Kasarjian

Assistant Coach


Coaching Level with Clarence Swim Club:  Piranhas’

Swimming Experience:

FAST Swim Club and 1yr JV with Fairport

4 yrs with Auburn YMCA Stingrays

4yrs Auburn HS Varsity (captain Sr. year)

Coaching Experience:

4 yrs for LCATS out Lancing, NY

6 yrs with Clarence Swim Club

Level 2 ASCA

Coaching Philosophy:  Have fun and try your hardest every day!  I want the kids to fall in love with swimming and want to continue to come to practice.

What Age/Level Should Swimmers Begin Participating in Swim Meets:  Once they are at the Barracuda Level and are comfortable with a majority of their strokes.

Benefits of Being On a Competitive Swim Team:  Friends, Funny Times, Fitness, Improves Confidence, Life Long Memories.



Sarah Schaefer

Assistant Coach


Coaching Level:  Barracudas

Swimming Experience:

Clarence Swim Club.  1999-2008

Varsity High School.  2003-2008

Canisius College (D1).  2008-2011

Swimming Experience:

Clarence Learn to Swim 2004-2015

Lancaster Country Club Swimming Team 2010-2012

Clarence Swim Club 2012-Present

Coaching Philosophy:  To provide younger swimmers the opportunity to learn basis stroke techniques and the benefits of competitive swimming in a fun and safe environment.

What Age/Level Should Swimmers Begin Participating in Swim Meets:  Swimmers should participate in meets when they are comfortable doing so.  For Barracudas, we encourage swimmers to participate in 1-2 meets per season.

Benefits of being On a Competitive Swim Team:  Competing in swim meets on a team.  Interacting with other swimmers with similar abilities, forming friendships.

Katie M Eaton

Assistant Coach


Coaching Level with Clarence Swim Club:   All of them

Swimming experience:  

7 years with Clarence Swim Club

4 years varsity swimming at Williamsville East High School

Coaching experience:   

This is my first year coaching, but I've taught swim lessons at Clarence Learn to Swim for 3 years.

Coaching Philosophy:   Getting good at swimming takes a lot of hard work, but all work and no play makes for a boring sport.  First and foremost, swimming should be fun - that's why I like to play a game or do a fun challenge most practices. By mixing hard work and fun, we can achieve our goals and work towards success.

What age/level should swimmers begin participating in swim meets: You're never too young! As soon as you feel confident enough in your strokes and you want to try a meet, go for it.

Benefits of being on a competitive swim team: You get to make new friends, play a fun sport, and learn new things, all while being physically active!

Isabel Hall


Board of Directors

Joan Petrella