Coaches and Directors

Galveston Island Swim Team is a parent-owned 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established in Galveston in 1994. Our USA Swimming competitive swim team is called the Hurricanes. They compete regionally usually about once a month throughout the year.

Our organization offers a Swim Lessons program, which is a proud local partner of the USA Swimming Foundation's Make A Splash! program. Instructors follow an objective-based cirriculum and students promote to the next level by way of a swim test, which are conducting as needed and monthly.

Coaches and Swim Instructors

Tony Pryor

Head Coach


Coach Tony has been with GIST for over 20 years.

Tony has Level 1 American Swim Coach Association's (ASCA) Level 1 status as a Coach.



Cheyenne Herrera

Swim Instructor


Coach Cheyenne is a Moody Methodist teacher who enjoys working with kids and teaching them how to swim. Growing up in Galveston, Cheyenne swam competitively. She has a wonderful, warm approach with her students.

Board of Directors & Representatives

Elizabeth Beeton



Nicci Obert

Secretary, GIST


Don Davison

Vice President


Colin Beeton

Gulf Swimming Athlete Representative