Aloha Parents,

We encourage swimmers to do their best at each meet, with a goal of improving and achieving new personal best times. It’s a big bonus to strive for and achieve new standards (B, A, AA, QUAL),.  However, please remember to celebrate each personal best time and each personal best effort with your swimmer. These are all measures of achievement, so let them know you are with them on these victories.

That said, as the swimmers are becoming more involved in selecting their meet events they’re asking more questions and making strategic choices:

“How close am I to an A time?”
“How close am I to a AA time?”
“Am I anywhere close to a QUAL?”

As soon as the swimmers achieve their first A time, they’re eligible to participate in the A+ meets.  As soon as they achieve their first AA time, they’re eligible to participate in the Invitational meets.  And of course, as soon as they achieve their first QUAL time, they’ll be invited to participate in the State Championship meets held twice a year.

Answers to these questions are easier to find now than ever before.  To find out your swimmer’s times  from within our Team Unify site simply click on the “My Meet Results” link on the left hand side of this page under “My Account”.  Fill in the search criteria in the “My Results” tab as follows:

  • For the ‘Standard’ field click the drop down menu and choose “2011: Hawaiian Age Group”
  • In the ‘Time Conversion’ field click on “SCY” (since we are currently in short course season)
  • Choose the swimmer’s name you would like to view times for from the drop down menu next to the ‘Member’ field
  • In the ‘Top Times’ field choose “Top 1” from the drop down menu
  • If you would like to see times for a specific stroke/distance enter the distance in the text box next to ‘Distance’ and choose the stroke from the drop down menu next to ‘Stroke’…you may also leave the Distance blank and the ‘Stroke’ as “All” to view Top Times for all events that your swimmer has times for. 

Once you have entered the search criteria click the “Search” button at the top of the screen.  Team Unify will return your swimmer’s fastest time for each event under the search criteria section.  Under the ‘Finals’ column you will see your top time with the current achieved standard highlighted in green listed below your time with a negative time showing how faster your time is than the maximum time allowed for that time.  Below the green highlighted standard and time you will see a red highlighted positive time and standard which is the time difference between your best time and the next standard.

If you have any further questions, your coach will be happy to speak with you before or after practice.


Coaching Staff