Croc Chronicles

Croc Chronicles for July 26





July 27-31

Senior Zones

Meet in Clovis for qualified seniors

Good luck Logan, Mason, Natasha, Pema, Riley, and Trista!

July 28-31


Highest level meet of the summer for our swimmers

Good luck Gabby and Kathryn!

August 3-7

Age Group Zones

Fastest 14 and under meet in the country!

Good luck Elishka and Camryn!

August 7

Lake day! 

Click here for more info!

For graduating seniors and high school aged swimmers

August 7-29

Kroc pool closed

See below for our August practice schedule!

All squads

August 15

CDA Crossing

Our team hosted open water event! Use code CAST21 to get a 10% discount on your registration.

Families and Swimmers

Practice Schedule

We are coming to the end of our Long Course season, and it’s time for our swimmers, parents, and coaches to get some much needed time away from the pool! CAST traditionally takes off one week of practice in March and two weeks in August-these breaks are vital for everyone to recover and reset for the next season. Some swim teams take the whole month of August off, but we like to give the kids a little training during the month and keep them in the water leading into the CDA Crossing!


This year is a bit different, as the Kroc competition pool will be completely closed for 3 weeks for some extra necessary maintenance. When we return in late August, practices will be on our fall schedule to accommodate high school swim season and the 4 high school teams who share the pool with us for 2 months. That schedule will be published in next week’s Chronicles.


So, from July 26-August 6 we will maintain our current practice schedule. August 7 through August 29, there will be no practices held at the Kroc Center. However, August 9-13, we will open up practice at Witter pool in Spokane from 6-8 AM Monday through Friday for A, Junior, and Senior Squads. In addition, Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, C and B squad can also come out to Witter from 7-8 AM. We will do some unique open water style practice with everyone on those days and then have some fun as a team! There will be normal open water practice on Tuesday the 10th for A, Jr, and Sr squads. There will be no practice for any squad from August 14-29, and we will resume practices on the 30th on the fall schedule. 




Great job to all our Junior Olympic athletes last weekend! CAST placed second overall in the team competition, and we had a host of amazing prelim and finals swims. A recap will be out soon!


Our summer season is nearly at an end, but there are 3 high level meets in the next two weeks that our swimmers will be competing at! The first is Senior Zones in Clovis, California all this week, where Trista Slife, Riley Taylor, Pema Anain, Natasha Astrauskas, Mason Groth, Logan Robillard, and Coach David will be representing CAST as well as the Inland Empire as part of the zones team. At the same time, Gabby Garasky and Kathryn Gyde will be participating in the USA Swimming Futures meet (one step below national level meets) in West Fargo, North Dakota against the fastest competition our swimmers will be at all summer! And next week will see Elishka Janout, Camryn Schmidt, and coach Jade at the 14 and under zones meet in Lewisville Texas, an incredibly fast and prestigious meet for our age group swimmers.

Coaching Staff