Croc Chronicles

 Below is the newsletter for this week. Before that, I would like to share with you something we’ve reminded all our squads of this past week:


We are very lucky to be able to train at and make use of the Kroc Center, and want to remind our athletes that we are guests there. This means following Kroc Center rules and being courteous to the patrons, staff, and fellow swimmers at all times. A reminder that no swimmers under 18 are allowed in the cabanas without an adult parent or guardian, and in accordance with Kroc Center as well as USA Swimming rules, no cellphones are to be used while in the locker rooms. Cell phones must be kept in athlete’s bags or in their pockets until they are out of the locker room area, including the corridor by the cabanas. 


Thank you.


Croc Chronicles for February 20





March 5

Corporate Sponsorships Due

Download the form here. More info below!

All families

March 6-7

Senior level meet

No new info, our current assumption is it’s been cancelled but are awaiting confirmation

Swimmers who have or are close to Senior Sectional times

March 12-13

Home meet!

Signups now open!

All swimmers

March 25-28

Senior Sectionals

In Phoenix

Qualified swimmers

March 27-April 3

Spring Break

No practice

All squads


Home Meet

Our home meet is fast approaching! The coaching staff will be prepping each squad for the competition, and we encourage all swimmers to give it a try. The meet will be March 12-13, with start times as follows:

Friday, March 12, JR/SR squads: Warmups begin at 3:00

Friday, March 12, C squad: Warmups Estimted  to begin at 6:00

Saturday, March 13, A squad: Warmups begin at 7:30 AM

Saturday, March 13, B squad: Warmups  Estimated to begin at 10:30 AM

Saturday, March 13, JR/Sr Squads: Warmups Estimated to begin at 1:30 PM


Each session should last approximately 2.5 hours, including warmups.


Spectators will not be allowed, but there will be a livestream of the event on our team’s Facebook page. Log into your account and sign up for the meet here; check out the meet information available on that page as well. If you have questions about meet signups please email me ([email protected]); we hope to have all our athletes attend!


TYR Swim Gear

If you’re in need of goggles or suits, check out our team store online here!


Corporate Sponsorships

The sponsorships you collect will count towards your fundraising requirements. (For questions about fundraising commitments, please refer to the paperwork you signed at registration located at CAST Dues (


To help you get excited, CAST is giving away a Fitbit Versa watch!  For every $100 that a family gets in sponsorship money, their name will be put into a drawing for the watch. All sponsorships must be received by March 5th, 2021 and the winning name will be announced March 12, 2021. 

The attached form goes over the different levels and perks of each sponsorship. Completed forms can be emailed to  [email protected] and payments mailed to: 

Coeur d’Alene Area Swim Team 

PO Box 846

Post Falls, ID 83877.

Forms and money may also be turned in on deck to the coaches.   


Squad Moveups

Due to the meet, there will be no squad moveups for the month of March. Please sign up for the meet session that your swimmer is currently training with!

Coaching Staff