Coaches and Board

Laurie Holt - Head Coach

I want the swimmers to develop a lifetime love for swimming and I want to help them to be the best that they can be, as well as work together to achieve whatever goals they set for themselves in the pool and out. Swimming is not only great for the fitness & competition, but also for the camaraderie of your teammates and the family atmosphere.  Swimming is one of few sports where family involvement is needed at all levels, and without family support the swimmers or the programs can’t be successful.

I have loved the sport of swimming from the time I started competing at the age of 5!  I swam for a club team much like EAST all the way through High School.  After High School I was able to earn a scholarship to CWU and swim on their national team for four years.  Through all those years of swimming I gained a second family of team mates that I still cherish today.  My goal is to pass on that passion of swimming and encourage the family atmosphere through coaching EAST.  I believe in operating a highly organized program, with an emphasis on stroke technique, physical training and positive thinking.  Each swimmer will have their own goals that they will be working toward every day.  As the head coach I will train and encourage each swimmer to meet those goals each season.  My hope for all swimmers is that they will love the sport, improve their skills and build life long character traits of strength, perseverance, honesty and integrity.


Assistant Coach - Christy Wersland




Coaching Staff

Laurie M Holt

Head Coach


Board of Directors

Joel Bodenman