Tiger Sharks Coaching Staff

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Coaching Staff

Dan Gusel

Head Coach and Team Owner


As a child, I discovered the sport of swimming and it transformed me.  I began my career at the age of nine, swimming competitively for local organizations in Franklin Park and Elmhurst.  When I entered high school, I took everything I learned as a child and poured it into my experiences as both a teammate and captain for the Leyden High School Swim Team, a place in which I am proud to say that I still hold pool records, 20 years later.  I then enrolled at Triton College and qualified for Junior Nationals in the butterfly stroke.  Regretfully, while swimming at the Hall of Fame Pool in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, both of my rotator cuffs were irreparably damaged and my competitive swim career ended.

At that time, I discovered my passion for coaching.  Successful coaches are strong educators who teach the art of sport through various disciplines.  With little doubt, swimming is my discipline.  My coaching career began where my time in the pool ended, at Triton College.  I formally began as an Assistant Coach from 1995 to 1996 and have since surrounded myself with educators and coaches who have helped me professionally develop into the coach I am today.  I have seized opportunities to serve as a coach for the Villa Park Mariners Swim Team and also served as a coach and mentor to a number of children in other disciplines as well; such as youth baseball, floor hockey, and football.  In 2013, I joined the Tiger Sharks Swim Club, and I have found my home.

When it comes to the members of my team, I believe in the concept of experiences.  Every swimmer is unique in both their mental game and physical game.  My job as their coach is to facilitate growth in both aspects.  My coaching style is designed so that I understand where they are currently with their swim experiences and chart a path for growth.  I want to make sure that my focus is on differentiating what each swimmer needs to constantly improve the little things.  When a number of little things are correctly adjusted, the focus on the big picture becomes clearer and the experience of personal success can be attained.  I'm confident that the members of my team will walk away as better swimmers while simultaneously building a lifetime love for the sport.

Konrad Korth

Asst. Coach and Administrative Support


Hello! I am the original founder of the Tiger Sharks Swim Club. At this time I am currently living in Colorado and helping out Coach Dan with workouts and administrative support.

Previous to my work with the Tiger Sharks I have coaching experience both in the United States and overseas, coaching all ages and abilities. I earned my bachelors in Kinesiology at UIC where I swam NCAA Division I all 4 years. In addition, I am currently a swim instructor for the U.S. Navy along with coaching the Tiger Sharks.

I believe that swimming as an age group swimmer and above allows the athlete to learn a sense of discipline and what it means to be part of a team. A major component of competitive swimming is the fact that there will always be improvement with hard work, which translates to the real world that with hard work success will follow.

I believe that swimming is a great teaching tool. Firstly it teaches the children sportsmanlike competition in and out of the pool. Swimming also allows the athlete to learn about a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of being physically fit. In addition, it creates a team atmosphere where everyone improves solely because they are around other like-minded athletes.

My goal as a coach is to create a fun, competitive learning environment in which the Tiger Sharks Swim Club can grow as a team!

Ann Roth

Assistant Coach


I first joined my hometown swim team in Grosse Pointe, Michigan at 6 years old. I wanted to be on the team so badly that I swam with all my heart to get across that pool, with the hope that dog paddle would count of course, and became the youngest swimmer to make the team. Forty years later I am still in love with the sport and I bring that passion to the Tiger Sharks.

I coached the Grosse Pointe City summer team for over 10 years and was an Assistant Coach for Grosse Pointe Aquatics. During those years I became a collegiate swimmer at John Carroll University swimming fly and sprint free events. One fateful day we had a meet where freshmen had to pick events out of a hat. I had to swim the 1650 (“the mile”). After coming in 2nd to my nationally ranked distance swimmer teammate I began competing in distance and sprint events. Swimming at that level elevated my “game” and helped me in all aspects of my life.

I took a break from coaching to get a Masters in Education from the University of Michigan and made a career as a Corporate Trainer/Instructional Designer. When my husband Dave and I first moved to the Chicago area we lived in Naperville. I was so happy to be back in the mid-west and wanted to coach swimming again. I coached the Naperville Swim Team in the evenings and weekends over the next few years. While working in the business world I never gave up on my love of the environment and the desire to teach children about nature and our role in protecting the earth. So I received an Aquatic Biology Certification from Shedd Aquarium and worked at Brookfield Zoo developing and teaching programming for children and adults with disabilities. Ending my tenure at the zoo as Manager of School, Group, and Teacher programming when our daughter (also a Tiger Shark) came along.

I am so proud of what Coach Gusel has been able to do building this team and its excellent reputation. With a focus on stroke technique and areas of a swim such as streamlines and finishes our swim team is producing great swimmers who are having fun.

The sport of swimming stayed a part of my life whether swimming or coaching (and watching as a parent!) and I hope that Tiger Sharks can inspire and motivate your children to love this amazing sport.

Nicole Wagemann

Assistant Coach


Hello! My name is Nicole Wagemann and I am a USA/ASCA certified swim coach, Red Cross Water Safety/Lifeguard Instructor, StarGuard 2 Lifeguard Instructor, and Certified Pool Operator.

I started my swimming career at the age of one, with my parents taking me to Red Cross swim lessons. At the age of five my parents were approached by a coach to train me for the Olympics. However, they decided I was too young and Florida was too far of a distance for me to be away from home. Regardless, I still remained a “fish” by taking swim lessons, synchronized swim classes, and joining various swim teams, including my high school team at Leyden High School. During my senior year, I missed qualifying for the State 50 Freestyle event by a mere tenth of a second.  From there, I went on to attend Illinois State University. At ISU I swam every day, was a lifeguard for an after-school program, and I also worked with children who had adapted needs through aquatic therapy.

My coaching career began at the age of 16 by working as an assistant coach with the Mannheim Swim Team. In 1999-2000 I was the assistant swim coach for the Addison Trail/Willowbrook High School Girls team. The following summer I worked at my local park district as the Co-Head Coach of the Villa Park Mariners. Upon earning my Bachelor of Science degree, I obtained a Physical Education/Health Teacher position in Mannheim School District 83, where I remain educating children as of today. Over the past 16 years, I have also worked with swimmers in the South Suburban Swim Conference, as well as the Bloomingdale Barracudas and the Addison Frogs.

Today, I have the pleasure of working for the Tiger Sharks Swim Club, as well as teaching private swim lessons for infants through adults. Everywhere I have taught or coached my emphasis is always on technique. With deep understanding behind the technique of each stroke and practicing that technique on a daily basis, swimmers will see times drop and overall improvement. Most importantly, through the leadership of the Tiger Shark coaches, our swimmers will know that swimming is not only for competition but something they can enjoy throughout their life.