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If your questions are related to workouts, meets, events, goal setting, and other diviing related needs, please contact one of the coaches. For all questions related to administrative, such as dues, safety, or policy issues, please contact one of the board members.

Coaching Staff

Rafael Alverez

Coach of Lawrence North Club


Coach Rafael Alvarez began his diving career his diving career as a freshman in high school. After participating in his first practice, Rafael knew he had stumbled across something that would change his life. From there, Rafael began to train year in diving year round. His passion and hard work would show as he quickly began to excel in this sport. Rafael is a two time national qualifier and qualified for the boy’s IHSAA state meet all four years, finishing 32nd, 6th, 4th, and 2nd. He currently holds the Lawrence North High School records for both 6 and 11 dive competition. Rafael graduated high school in 2005 and was accepted to Indiana University to dive for the Cream & Crimson. Rafael dove with IU until his career ended in 2007.

Rafael began his coaching career while he was in high school. Not only was he a club diver, he also helped his coach to train her club divers throughout the training season. Rafael started his club team in March of 2012 at Lawrence North High School and was also introduced as the Lawrence North High School diving coach. Since his time at Lawrence North, he has had 2 state qualifiers, one with a 4th and 3rd place finish for the girls. He has also coached his first club diver to the USA Diving Nationals in 2013.

Rafael is excited and thrilled to be back at Lawrence North where it all started for him. He is very passionate in bringing diving to the community of Lawrence and the surround areas. He is ready to make Lawrence a force to be reckoned with not only in the state, but in the country. “I’m very fortunate and blessed to be a part of this diving family. I’m looking forward to my future with this club, with this community, and the kids that I have the privilege to work with. We will achieve our goals in and outside of the pool. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me, my team, and this organization.”

Bob Burns

Coach of Northridge Club


Head Coach of Diving at Northridge High School and Middlebury Community Schools, five years running.


Bob has coached High School diving in the Northern Indiana area for over 14 years and also developing community wide age group diving programs through our organization for nearly a decade as a Head Club Coach.


Bob coached High School finalists at the Conference, Sectional, Regional, and State levels, as well as High School Champions at the Conference, Sectional, and Regional level.

Bob has developed USA Diving Junior Zone qualifiers, as well as Junior Spring & Summer National qualifiers on 1 meter & 3 meter.


He is Safety Certified with USA Diving, and CPR certified.


Bob is pleased to continue representing and developing our sport in our communities allowing athletes the opportunities to succeed in our sport and in life.



Corey Cole

Coach of Pike Club


Hi, my name is Corey Cole and I grew up here in the inner-city of Indianapolis. At a young age determination, resilience and hard work were some of the teachings instilled in me. They would stick with me as I grew and soon play a big part in my maturing and overcoming obstacles. Just like many other kids I loved to be outside in the sun, playing and learning new things. I had a passion for sports and anything having to do with athletics. One summer my sister wanted to learn how to swim, as did I, so we went to our nearest public pool and signed up. Once we started our first day I was like bees too honey, I loved learning the new strokes and how to become a better swimmer. Then, for the first time, I jumped off the diving board for a swim test and passion was created.

For the next two summers I was inseparable from the water. Growing up my family was unable to send me to the pool on a daily bases, so I found ways to keep me plugged into aquatics. I became a junior lifeguard and thru this I was able to stay in tuned and swimming. During my 8th grade year my father took me to a back-to-school festival at a gymnastics facility, there I would find the sport I was made for. I signed up that same day and scheduled an audition for the boy’s team. I was so afraid that day because I had never attempted a back or front flip but I was determined to learn. So I went to our community public pool and walked to the diving board where I would try my first flip. Little did I know what great things would come from this first attempt!

Wow, it was exciting, thrilling and I wanted to learn all I could. I was at the pool from open to close, day after day. I was astounded how fast I was trying different skills. The next week I auditioned for the boy’s gymnastics program and was placed on the advanced team. These two sports nurtured each other. I grew rapidly in the sports and caught the attention of other diver’s parents. I was invited to audition for Starz Diving and to my amazement made the cut. The Coach told me that I dictated how fast I learn the sport and how far I will go in it. From there in a short amount of time, I was one of the top divers in the Nation. Within 3 years from starting, I qualified to multiple Diving Nationals and placing as high as 2nd, also qualifying for Junior World Diving Competition. This would open my eyes to the opportunity of a Division 1 scholarship. In my senior year of 2003, I became the first IPS athlete to win the State Championship ever in the Aquatics field and the first African American to win an I.H.S.A.A. State Diving Competition. From there I had offers across the U.S. and decided to attend and dive for IUPUI.

After a few seasons I began my coaching career mentoring and teaching young men acrobatics thru a Nom-profit Organization “Jireh Sports” for over 10 years while also working with the Indiana Pacers mascot and acrobatic team traveling internationally performing high flying dunk and acrobatic routines. After a decade of coaching tumbling and performing, it was a time to pass  on my knowledge of diving. In the first year I was accepted onto the Pike Township Aquatics staff as Head Diving Coach. We were able pull the best out of the athletes, coaching all divers to personal bests for H.S. career and qualifying a freshman all the way the IHSAA State Competition. It was a great first year and starting block to building a great team. My goal as a coach is to pass on all my knowledge of the sport and open doors to young people. Thru having fun, hard work and growing in the sport, in a safe, knowledgeable and nurturing environment such as “Indiana International School of Diving.” In which I am thrilled to be a part of.

Jill Eakright

Coach of Fort Wayne Club


Jill is a graduate of Wayne High School and Ball State University, earning her degree in Physical Education.  She has worked the past 20 years as an Elementary Physical Education Teacher for Northwest Allen County Schools.

Jill was very active in volleyball, basketball and tennis during high school earning an athletic blanket award. She was introduced to swimming and diving at a young age and competed for Avalon in the Fort Wayne summer league for 11 years.

Jill has developed the Homestead High School dive team for the past 20 years. In her 20 years Homestead has qualified divers to state every year with 1 state Champion and 8 Homestead divers moving on to compete at the college level.

As a club coach in Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne divers have qualified to Nationals 4 years with 1 earning a medal in 2013 Summer Nationals.

Jill cares deeply for her divers.  She loves mentoring them and seeing them grow into healthy young adults physically, mentally and emotionally.  She is able to coach and develop all levels of diving talent and knows how to work with the individual differences of each diver.

Jill has been happily married for 20 years to Craig.  They have 2 beautiful daughters, Shae 18, and Paige 16.  

Jill is excited to work for IISD.  She feels very blessed to be surrounded by a team of talented coaches who all work together to bring diving to Indiana communities. 


Sean McCarthy

Coach of IUPUI Elite Club


Sean McCarthy began coaching in 1992.  In Northwest Indiana, Sean had founded Rare Form Diving. Rare Form Diving created a first ever Northwest Indiana network of diving influence at multiple venues over time.  The program hosted sessions at various locations that included Lake Central, Highland, and Merrillville High Schools.  This system of community integration of diving interests was soon to become the method of the world recognized and USA Diving National Training Center supporting program of Indiana.

Sean is currently the General Chairperson of the Indiana Diving Association, a USA Diving Junior Subcommittee Chairperson, the Head Diving Coach for Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis, the Executive Director of the Indiana International School of Diving, and the CEO of Dive Tech, Inc. 

Sean began work in Indianapolis in the fall of 2000 as Director of Satellite Programs, as well as head coach for his own club teams - including the IUPUI Natatorium Program.  He now is the Head Diving Coach of the elite club diving at IUPUI.  Sean has managed the Coaches’ Continuing Education Program for over 15 Indiana communities since 2000.   


Sean represented Division 1 IUPUI University as the Head Diving Coach in 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 seasons – garnishing a Conference Champion and Diver of the Year in Sophomore men’s diver and 2 freshman girls scoring in the finals “Top 8” at the Summit League Conference Championships. 

Having instructed dozens of junior national finalists and champions in the USA, Sean has also qualified athletes for and coached at 8 international FINA Junior championship meets - producing junior international top 6 finalists in 25 of 29 represented events - including an international platform silver medalist at the FINA Championship Meet in Lund, Sweden - 2005, a 1 meter springboard bronze medalist at the FINA International British Championships in Sheffield, England - 2007, a two-time Gold Medalist at the FINA Junior Pan American Games in San Juan, Puerto Rico - 2007, a platform Bronze Medalist at the FINA International British Championships in Leeds, England – 2008, 2010 - Finalist in the first Junior Olympic Games Trials - Guadalajara, Mexico, a Junior Worlds Finalist in 2012 - Australia, 2013 Junior Pan Am Gold Medalist – Tucson, Arizona.

Sean now coaches diving full time, designs lesson systems and educational resources for the various venues of the Indiana International School of Diving and leads the Junior Committee of USA Diving. 

Having developed the USA Diving Future Champions diving format, Sean continues to influence the greater hope of the USA Diving movement to bring diving to every community, and put a smile on every child's face through the awesome sport of diving

David McKown

Coach of University of Indianapolis


David grew up right here in Indianapolis, Indiana, right outside the town of Fishers.  Ever since his first “jack-knife” off the public pool boards, he was hooked on diving.  At age 11, he began diving with the Indianapolis Starz located in downtown Indy.  Junior Olympic club diving was a large thrill of his teenage career, making plenty of junior national competitions and unforgettable friendships.  

David was a Park Tudor Panther his freshmen and sophomore year of high school, and a Lawrence North Wildcat his junior and senior year.  All four years qualifying for the IHSAA Boys State meet.  After graduating high school in 2005, Miami University recruited David to dive in the Division I MAC conference.  In 2006, the Miami Redhawks Men’s Swimming and Diving Team won a MAC conference title after years of drought.  David retired from the sport in 2007 and graduated with a degree in psychology from Miami University in 2010.  

Diving was resurrected in David’s life when he began coaching for his Alma Mater Park Tudor High School in the fall of 2010, qualifying his only diver Elliot Cecil to his first state meet as a freshman.  Club coaching sparked, with an inspiring mentor and great friend, in spring of the next year with Sean McCarthy at IUPUI.  Soon after, North Central High School hired David to assume their head diving coach position.  The North Central Starz…now North Central IISD had its debut January 9th of 2012.  A little over two years of existence, and NC IISD has attained one high school state championship, four top three state performances, nine regional gold medals (six won in the most recent junior spring regional), six national qualifiers, five summer national finalists (all five were in the most recent 2013 summer nationals in Minnesota), and one junior elite squad member.  

Early success has led David to believe passion and exuberance are key tools to igniting inspiration in these young athletes!  It also helps that he describes himself as still being a kid…loving to be silly and playful while staying on task!  “Being a full-time coach means never having to ‘work’ a day in your life.  I eat, drink, and sleep diving.  You can call it obsessive; I’ll call it passionate.  These kids deserve it.”  

Lauren Reifel

Coach of Pendleton Club


Lauren is a graduate of Mt. Vernon High School.  She began diving with  the Indianapolis Starz located in Pendleton her Sophomore year of high school.  Lauren qualified for IHSAA Girls state her junior and senior year.  She was on the diving team during high school earning an All American Award  her senior year. After graduating high school in 2012, New Mexico State University recruited Lauren to dive in the Division I WAC conference. Lauren received WAC All Academic Honors all four years she was at New Mexico State University and an Honorable mention for Scholar All Academics.  She retired from diving in 2016 and graduated with a degree in elementary special education. 

Lauren has worked the last 2 years at Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation as a middle school and elementary teacher. She worked for a year under Kevin Rockhill with IISD in Pendleton and a summer under Sean Mccarthy with IISD at Indianapolis. 

Lauren is very passionate about helping her athletes and students become the best they can be both in and outside of the pool. She is excited to work with all levels of diving. She wants to share with the world her love and passion for diving.  

Lauren is excited to work for IISD.  She feels very blessed to return to a community that gave so much to her. She is excited to work with the IISD staff and athletes. 

Josh Riedy

Coach of Westfield Club


Josh was raised in Fishers, IN. He started diving for Hamilton Southeastern High School back his sophomore year and continued to dive all throughout high school making it to the State Meet every year. Upon graduating from High School, Josh earned a diving scholarship to IUPUI where he studied Mechanical Engineering Technology. 

When Josh graduated from IUPUI with his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering Technology, he was hired as the Youth Pastor for Lifepointe Church in 2009 and began to pursue a Masters in Family and Youth Ministry. Josh truely has a passion for students and watching them grow whether that means spiritual growth or/and growth as an athlete. Josh graduated with his Masters in Youth and Family Ministry from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY in 2012 and is still currently the Youth Pastor at Lifepointe Church in Westfield, IN. 

Josh has been coaching at Westfield since 2010 and has had great success in building that program. He truly enjoys working with students and looks forward to bringing diving to the community in and around Westfield, IN. 

Scott Stewart

Coach of Decatur


Brad Whited

Coach of Centerville & Richmond Club


Hello, I am excited you have chosen Centerville/ Richmond IISD (Indiana International School of Diving) Diving Club to experience the sport of springboard diving.

My name is Brad Whited and for more then ten years I have been instructing diving skills and fundamentals to beginning through advanced divers from 3 to 20 year of age in the Richmond, Indiana area.

I have coached area youth in competitive diving, in USA Diving & AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) competing in National Championship events, middle school, high school, college.

I have coached area summer diving camps for schools as well as diving camps at IUPUI Natitorium in Indianapolis

Through IISD club, Middle school, high school, elite diving, national team programs I have had athletes who were successful in setting personal,school and event records as well as finalists in the Indiana High School Diving Championships, USA Diving National events and International competitions

It is my personal mission to introduce our area youth to the exciting sport of competitive diving in a postitive and supportive atmosphere.  

Board of Directors

Sean McCarthy

Executive Director


Bob Burns



Kevin Rockhill



Jill Eakright