Liquid Space Swim Club Partners
Coaches & Directors

Head Coach Mark Kiely                                     ASCA lll    USA   YMCA

Assistant Coach Kayla Skinner                         ASCA ll    USA   YMCA

Assistant Coach Joe Tarasevich                        ASCA ll    USA   YMCA


Alumni Coaching Staff:

Assistant Coach Angelica Spinazzola               ASCA ll    USA   YMCA

Assistant Coach Ben Sienko                               ASCA ll    USA   YMCA

Assistant Coach Daniel Kiely                               ASCA       USA   YMCA

Assistant Coach Colby Wolfe                               ASCA       USA   YMCA

Consulting Coach Dave Cote

Consulting Coach Taylor McNight

We are here to support your needs. If you have questions regarding training, workout groups, meets, events, goal setting, nutrition, drylands and other swimming related needs, please contact Coach Kiely:


Coaching Staff

Mark J Kiely

Head Coach ASCA 3


The Narragansett Times:

Kayla Skinner

1 st Assistant Coach


Joe Tarasevich

Assistant Coach