Lobo Aquatic Club Coaches

We are here to support your needs. If your questions are related to workouts, meets, events, goal setting, and other swimming related needs, please contact one of the coaches. For all questions related to administrative, such as dues, safety, or policy issues, please contact one of the board members.

Lobo Aquatic is a non-profit, volunteer organization sponsored by the University of New Mexico Swim Team. The role of the Board of Directors is to assist the UNM Head Coach and the Lobo Head Coach in the administration of the swimming program. The Board is the primary mechanism for providing feedback, consultation, and/or advice to the UNM and Lobo Head Coaches.

Coaching Staff

Doug Forbes

Lobo Aquatic Club Head Coach


Doug received the Coach of the Year Award from New Mexico Swimming for the 2006-2007 swim year. He swam for NMSU from 1981-1985 and graduated from NMSU with a BS in Education in 1987. Doug continued with school and earned 36 graduate hours from 1987 through 1990 with an emphasis on Biomechanics. He then moved to Texas and went on to teach Biology and coach swimming at Odessa High School, Odessa, Texas from 1990-1999. During that time he also coached the Odessa Aquatic Club. Doug then moved back to Las Cruces where he coached the Las Cruces Aquatic Team from 1999-2006.

Bobby Goldie

Masters Coach


Bobby Goldie has been our Masters coach since 1995. He swam for the University of New Mexico in the early 90's under Bill Spahn and during his time there swam with then world record holder, Tom Jager for 4 years. Bobby’s coaching style is a hybrid which he developed between his own years of swimming, the acclaimed “Total Immersion” techniques primarily for efficiency and body positioning, and the mechanical/physiological techniques learned during 5 years total with Jager. He coaches swimmers of all abilities ranging from fitness training, triathlon training (Jay Benson, Milkman, Spring Fling, Xterra, Storrie Lake, etc.), and elite training (the English Channel, Escape from Alcatraz, Manhattan Island, Maui Chanel, Gatorman, etc). He is committed to helping each swimmer achieve their personal goals whether it be as simple as swimming 3 times a week for health or conquering a 12+ hour swim in 60 degree water!

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