Coaches & Directors

We are here to support your needs. If your questions are related to workouts, meets, events, goal setting, and other swimming related needs, please contact one of the coaches. For all questions related to administrative, such as dues, safety, or policy issues, please contact one of the board members.

Coaching Staff

Audrey O Cormack

Head Coach


Previously the Head Age Group coach for NTN, Coach Audrey is now NTN's Head Coach. She has been an NTN coach for the past 6 years. She was a competitive swimmer from age 6 through her college career at Henderson State Univeristy. She achieved her BBA from UNT and is also the proud mother of 3 current NTN swimmers.

Coach Audrey is an ASCA Level 4 coach.

Dan Balint

National Coach


Coach Dan has been an NTN coach for the past 8 years. He swam for the Univeristy of Arkansas and competed in the NCCA Division ! championships during his time there. He is also an Olympic Trials Qualifier ('80 & '84) and is the father of 3 current NTN swimmers.

Kirk A Stackle

Senior 1 Coach and Masters Head Coach


Coach Kirk swam for the University of Texas at Austin winning 3 team and 3 individual national championships, becoming a 16 time All American and achieving a berth on the 1988 Olympic team in the 200 breaststroke. In 1990, Kirk held his highest ranking as second in the world in the 200 breaststroke and third in the world in the 100 breaststroke after an outstanding Goodwill Games showing. 

Kirk has been with NTN since May 2019 coaching the senior team and been coaching since 2012.  His daughter swam at the University of Denver. 

Kirk is an ASCA level 2;3 certified coach.

Walter D Rumans III

Head Age Group Coach


Coach Walter was a competitive swimmer most of his life. He swam for both Southern Methodist and Florida Southern University during college. He was also an Olympic Trial qualifier (’08) and swam in the World Youth Games in Mexico.

He graduated from the University of Texas with a BA in Criminal Justice.

Coach Walter is a ASCA Level 2 coach.

“You practice the way you want to race” & “Get up and go!” are some of Coach Walter’s favorite quotes.

Ashley W Anderson

White 2 Coach


Coach Ashley swam in college for both the University of Texas and Arizona State. She is also the mother of 2 current NTN swimmers.

"The clock doesn't lie"

"Practice doesnot make perfect-only perfect practice makes perfect"

Andrew Warwick

White 2, Red 1 and 2 Coach


Coach Andrew was a competitive swimmer since age 12 and swam locally for the Timber Creek Varsity team.

Caleb Mason Newman

Platinum 2, Red 1 and 2 Coach


Carson Gohn Klein

Blue 2 and Senior 2 Coach


Board of Directors

Danna Suresh

Parent Club Chairman


Sarah Stoklas

Vice President


Brenda Weilert



Tara Palmer



Gail Pitt

Volunteer Coordinator