Coaching Staff
Coaching Staff

Xiaohong Wang

Head Coach / President


Xiaohong Wang - She was given the honor by the media as one of the five "Golden Flowers" in the China swimming arena.she achieved the silver medal in the 200M butterfly event at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain.

Because of her outstanding accomplishments in both competitive swimming and coaching, Xiaohong is currently honored as a certified ASCA level 4 coach. Note that the level 5 coach is the top level ranked by ASCA (American Swimming Coach Association). She is offering the best value and quality in swimming instruction in the Bay Area.

Feng Chen

Assistant Head Coach/Elite Group Coach


Feng Chen came to CDST one year ago as a former Chinese National Team Swimmer and experienced Age group coach in Hong Kong. In his first season as the CDST Elite Group Coach, Feng has brought swimmers to participate among the Far Westerns, Junior Olympics and Pacific Zone Championship meets. His swimmers have received many top titles in these swimming meets, and have gotten many senior level standers, such as Sectional, Grand Prix. He also has helped some burn out swimmers to find their confidence back. Therefore, Feng has developed a reputation of excellence at both the age group and senior levels.
Additionally, his Chinese National Team Swimmer title and successful coaching experience in Hong Kong have provided him with many opportunities to work and communicate internationally, which has allowed him to develop good relationships with many overseas successful Olympic swimming coaches, but also has organized great training exchange programs with Chinese professional swimming teams. In the current season, Feng is seeking for more national and other elite level titles for his swimmers. In order to provide swimmers best performance, coach Feng Chen also is a student at Chabot College, studying Athletic Training and Physical Education related courses.

Ian Huskins

Gold and Silver Group Coach


From the core of my body to the beat of my heart, I live, breath, and eat swimming.  From a young age, I have lived in the water. It is my passion, it's my home, it's where I love to be.  I joined the swim team in my freshman year and swam varsity all four years. Being a versatile swimmer, I learned to love all strokes and events, but by far, the 50 butterfly was the best.  It pushed me to my edge and forced my to excell. I knew I had to pass on my love of water.  I have learned everything from not only accomplished swimmers and coaches, but owners as well, who have opened my mind to the swimming world.  For the last 8 years, I have taugh all ages of swimmers from novice to advanced, even had the pleasure of working with children with special needs. My efforts to enter the swimming world have payed off with the privilege of writing a swim program for a bay area swim school. I have been the head coach of the JFK TITANS for three years.  And now I'm here, ready to teach, train and pass on my love of swimming to this team.

Nicole Zhu

Platinum Group Coach


Swimming is like my best friend accompanying me grow up since I was six years old. For 18 years, I took professional training in shanghai swimming team, and won many prizes in competitions national wide. After retired from swimming team, I had been teaching in one of the swimming clubs for 5 years. I love coaching, responsibility and professionalismis my principle, during the teaching I am constantly learning and practicing, explored my own set of training techniques.It is my pleasure to join CDST, I will put all my heart to every student I coach. Try my best to make them feel swimming is an interesting and fun sports in their life.