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Coaching Staff

PeiYong Li

Head Coach


Coach PeiYong Li swam with the Sichuan Men’s Swimming Team & China National Youth Swimming Team during the 1970’s. Over the course of his competitive swimming career, he won gold and silver medals in China’s National Swimming Championship meets (200 meter and 400 meter individual medley (IM) in 1976, and 1974). After retiring from competitive swimming, he graduated from Beijing Physical Education University (top ranked university for Chinese athletes to attend and trained for future coaches). He became a coach of the Sichuan Women’s Swimming Team after the graduation. He was a coaching member of the China National Swimming Team for the 20th European Swimming Championship in 1998 and the National team coaching member for China during the 12th Asian & Pacific Swimming & Diving Championship in 1998. Coach PeiYong Li received China’s National Level 1 Swimming Coach certificate (highest level in China) and was awarded the National Outstanding Swimming Coach Award by China National Sport Bureau. He has more than 26 years of professional swimming coaching experience in China. Coach Li has mentored and coached many outstanding Chinese swimmers, such as women swimmer Zhao Jing etc, he personally identified, and coached Zhao Jing for many years. Zhao Jing won gold medals in 20th European Swimming Championship in 100m free style, 100m back stroke, 200m individual medley, and 100m butterfly representing China Junior National Swimming Team in 1998. She was also a gold medalist in 200m & 400m individual medley, and 200m backstroke of the 13 & 14 age group in 12th Asian and Pacific Swimming and Diving Championship in 1998.

As a coach, he has published many articles discussing his views on modern swimming training methods, and advanced training techniques used by other countries. His publications and presentations emphasize the importance of more individualized training and discuss how to achieve it. He was a member of China National Swimming Association Amateur Coach Advisory Committee providing swimming training guidance and supervision from 1996 to 2004. Coach Li immigrated to USA in the fall of 2008 as a “National Talented Swimming Coach” under US immigration law, and is looking forward to contributing his excellent swimming coaching skills to this team and will take on head coaching position in the team.

Coach PeiYong Li is an US Swimming certified head coach (level 3 or equivalent).

Leon Li

Assitant Coach & Team Manager


Leon Xin Li grew up in Chengdu, China and was taught swimming by his mom, now PDST Coach Xu since age 6. At age 10, he qualified for Sichuan Youth Swimming Champ Meet in July 1996, and won both 50m and 100m Back, and 200m IM. Qualifying for China's National Youth Swimming Champ meet in August 1996, Leon captured third place finish in boy’s 10 yr group 50 fly at the National Champ meet.  He reached China's National Level 2 rank for amateur swimmers, qualifying him for the priority college admission. During the years as he pursued his BSc, and MSc degrees in journalism at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in Chengdu, China, he remained active in swimming coaching and had coached young age group swimmers and also high school age swimmers with stroke techniques and also swim trainings at Chengdu Olympic Wind Swimming Team (OWST). He has gradually established his coaching methods, and also the ways to work with variety levels of the young swimmers through these coaching years. Several his high school age swimmers he worked with since 2004, advanced to the top high school level and succssfully made into colleges in China with their swim scores. 

Coach Leon is an US Swimming certified swimming coach.

XiaoWei Xu

Senior Coach


As a swimmer at Chengdu Women’s Swimming Team, Coach XiaoWei Xu won five Gold medals at Sichuan Provincial Swimming Championship in 1974 (200m and 400m IM, 800m free style, and anchored in two 4 x 100m relays). After graduating from Chengdu Physical Education University, she began coaching in 1978. Since then, she has coached at Chengdu Women’s Swimming Team and was the Age Group Head coach of Chengdu Swimming Sporting School in Sichuan, China before moving to the US. With her outstanding coaching work, she was awarded China’s National Level 1 Swimming Coach, the highest-level swimming coach certificate in China. She was also granted the National Outstanding Amateur Swimming Coach Award by the Swimming Management Center of China National Sport Bureau. She has 30 years of amateur, youth, and competitive swimming coaching experience. She has recruited and personally coached many leading Chinese swimmers in China including Huang Xin: National Champion in 100m Butterfly in 1998 and 200m Bronze medal winner in the World Short-Course Swimming Champ in Paris in 1996. Huang Xin was a member of Chinese National Swimming Team & currently a coach of Sichuan Swimming Team in China. Other swimmers brought up by Coach XiaoWei Xu included Xu Jie (male), 1500m free style gold medalist at age of 16 in the 1st National City Swimming Championship in 1988. Song Dong (male), 400m free style silver medalist at age of 16 and Guan Xuemin (male), gold medalist at age of 12 at the National Age Group Swimming Championship in 2000 etc. She had an outstanding swimming coaching career and demonstrated excellent skills to work with young age kids in early swimming learning and training stage in China. Her immigration to USA was also granted in the fall of 2008 under US “National Talented Swimming Coach” immigration category. Coach Xu looks forward to applying her outstanding swimming teaching and coaching skills with her new swimmers.

Coach XiaoWei Xu is an US Swimming certified swimming coach.

John Michael Yasutake

Assistant Coach


John Michael is a retired Marine and Gulf War Veteran. He has been swimming for 30+ years, and competed for his high school swim team at the time. He is dedicated and wanting to share his love for the sport, has fun teaching young swimmers at lessons and during the practices. His active teaching style and effective ways to challenge the swimmers to reach their full potential are well received by the swimmers and the parents. He has coached in various levels in the past 15 years and is pleased to join PDST coaching group.

John Michael  is an US Swimming certified coach and will mostly work with PDST swimmers from Pre-comp to Regional groups. 

Dominick Szabo

Assitant Coach


Dom was a great swimmer during his high school and college years. During the High School years, Dom held  6 pool records of 11 events in 2000, won 10 district titles, and he was 3 time (PA)state champion(200 IM, 200 Medley Relay-twice), broke  2 state records (200 IM and 200 medley relay), and was an Olympic Trial qualifier in 100 & 200 Breast in year 2000.

During his college years, Dom was a NCAA finalist in 2003 (100 Breast), Trained under several Olympic level coaches(in Hungary with Joseph Nagy 1998 and in US with Richard Shoulberg, Rick Curl, and Bob Bowman in 1997, 2000-2004); and with several Olympians including Tom Dolan, Jeremy Lin, and Brendan Hansen (1998-2004) ; Specialized training with Michael Phelps for 6 months(Feb-July)  in 2004, Dom was a  finalist (100 Breast) at 2004 US Olympic trial.

 Dom  will coaches mid-level groups such as High School Group at PDST.


Jason Xu

Assistant Coach


Jason has been swimming since age 10. He grew up in Bellevue, WA and trained under Coach Li and Xu since age 12 at PDST, qualifying for Speedo Western Region Senior Sectionals in all the freestyle events. He has been selected to the PNS NACC (North American Challenge Cup) team three times (2011-Mexico, 2012-Canada, and 2013-Federal Way, WA) and represented PNS at the Western Zone Championship once (2012, Grand Junction, CO), placing 7th in the 100 free, and anchoring 2nd place finishes in the Boys 15-16 200 Medley Relay and 400 Medley Relay. 

 Jason will mostly work with PDST's Pre-comp to Regional groups. He began coaching this year and hopes to pass his experience and dedication to other PDST swimmers. He will be studying biology and also swimming for Pomona College this fall.

Coach Jason is an US Swimming certified swimming coach.

Eric Yang

Assistant Coach


Eric has been swimming since age 10. He grew up in Bellevue, WA and trained under PDST Coaches Li and Xu since age 11 at PDST, earning first place in 200 Breast Stroke and 2nd places for both 50 and 100 Breat Stroke evetns in boy's 11-12 group at 2009 winter PNS SC Champ meet.  

Eric mostly work with younger swimmers at PDST or pre-team swimmers at PDST. He began coaching this year and hopes to pass his experience and dedication to other PDST swimmers. 

Coach Eric is an US Swimming certified swimming coach.

Ren Xu

Assistant Coach & PDST Admin


Ren enters swimming coaching field as an already dedicated swimmer’s parent and an experienced manager with a degree in business administration (MBA). Coach Xu will dedicate himself to providing operational support for the team. He looks forward to using all his skills to work with our two outstanding swimming coaches, all parents, and swimmers to enable our swimmer’s to achieve the best they can be. Ren will also represent the team in all meetings and team development with USA Swimming, PNS, pool management members, and other PNS swim teams, as well as assist other two coaches at all swimming meets. In addition, Ren will work closely with our team booster club to ensure our team operate in seamless condition to support the development of our swimmers.

Coach Ren is an US Swimming certified swimming coach.