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Cindy Lee


Head Coach, Cindy Lee was born and raised in Beverly Farms, MA.  Cindy's swimming career began at the age of five when she began to take swim lessons at the beach.  Swimming has become a big part of Cindy's life and she is thankful to her Dad for getting her to try out for the local swim team!  Cindy is also a Masters coach and continues to swim Masters herself. 

Since her teenage years, Cindy has been involved with Country Club Teams, High School Teams, U.S.S. teams, Masters swimming, and teaching.  In 1978, she earned an A.A. degree in Mental Health at Lasell Jr. College in Auburndale, MA.  CIndy earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Notre Dame in the Spring of 2011.  Cindy also has aspirations of achieving a Masters Degree in Sports Psychology and was involved in Adapted Physical Education at the College of San Mateo from 1995-2016.

Cindy has been working on the Coastside since 1989 in the form of a teacher or coach, and she is continually developing relationships with kids and parents in this community.  Her involvement with Mavericks Swim Team began in 2003 as assistant coach and moved up to the Head Coaching postion in 2006.