2020 Larkey Sharks Coaches...Go Sharks!!


Coaching Staff

Nate Burkhart

Head Coach


Heyo Larkey!! Lucky to be Head Coach for another fantastic season. Outside of the summer, I've been working hard over at Mountain Hardwear HQ on the Sportswear team as a Product Line Coordinator.

Here's a little more about me;

5 year old Nate started swimming on Larkey along with his family of 3 swimming siblings. I've since been a part of Terrapins year round swim team and Varsity all 4 years at College Park High School. I'm known for breaking records at Larkey throughout my life in Freestyle, Butterfly & IM. I have a number of top finishes at NCS along with qualifying for Sectionals just before Junior Nationals. 

One of my favorite accomplishments/memories as a swimmer was finishing first in my high school league in the 200 freestyle with my best friend, Michal, just a lane over. This was a heartfelt moment that I will never forget. Michal and I swam year round on Terrapins, we were inseparable in the pool and always knew how to make practices hilariously fun, while at the same time knowing when to put in the work that would pay off in competition. 

A few of my own values consist of integrity and clear communication along with hard work to achieve self-set goals. I also would not be able to succeed without the amazing community of close friends surrounding me. I believe if you strive to be your ideal role model every single day, it will not only make you a better person, but also help bring up everyone around you. 

Lastly, always remember to have fun no matter what you're doing! I love anything music, the beach, and fitness! Swimming in the ocean, listening to feel good music, catching all the sun's rays, getting a daily workout in, or just spending quality time with close friends no matter where we are. As long as each day has just one of these things, I’m doing something right. 

Favorite stroke: Butterfly
Favorite pre meet meal: Avocado toast & a juice or a smoothie
Favorite post meet meal: An infinite amount of sushi rolls plus fried rice
Favorite Larkey tradition: Campouts, Conference Themes, & duct taping my brother to that pole!!

Favorite Jam that gets me dancing: Right Back - Khalid (feat. Boogie Wit a Hoodie)

Thomas Seibel



Hi Sharks!  I am happy to be back at Larkey.  Currently, I am a Sophomore at DVC. but planning on attending UC Davis in the Fall.  My accomplishments include making County in Freestyle and Academic Honors at DVC.  I joined Larkey as a 13-year old who had no idea how to swim.  With the help and encouragement of my coaches, I ended up having an amazing experience.  I want the swimmers to have the same amazing experience that I had.  My interests outside of swimming are working out, handing out with my friends, and keeping up with my schoolwork.

Leilani Ames



Hey Sharks! I'm super excited for my first season as a Larkey Assistant Coach! Currently, I'm finishing my last semester at DVC then I will be transferring to SFSU in the fall for my bachelors in Political Science, before continuing on to getting my teaching credentials. 
I started competitive swimming as a Sophomore in High School where I grew to love Backstroke and pasta feeds.  After High School I began teaching swim lessons at Splash Walnut Creek, which helped my truly understand each stroke so I could not only explain it but also do them better then before.  My interests outside of the pool include anything artsy, gardening and camping.
Favorite stroke: Tie between backstroke and breaststroke
Favorite pre meet meal:  A  smoothie with lots of greens and mango for sweetness
Favorite post meet meal:  Homemade Mac and Cheese

Thomas Davies



My name is Thomas Davies. I am looking forward to coaching at Larkey this summer. 

I have been a member of the SHARKS Swim Team for almost 16 years and have made lifelong close friends. I am not a very strong person physically, so most of my ability to swim comes from getting the technique right. As a coach, I will focus on making sure to teach the proper technique to the swimmers as early as possible.

Outside of swimming I enjoy running, biking and hanging out with my friends.

Favorite stroke: Backstroke

Favorite pre meet meal: Burrito

Favorite post meet meal: Pizza

Favorite Larkey tradition: The Campout and duct taping a Burkhart to that pole.

Kyle Burkhart



Hi! I am Kyle Burkhart. One of my favorite memories of Larkey was when my 11/12 medley relay team broke the Larkey record.  I want all the swimmers to be as fast as they can and proud of what they can accomplish.  I love swimming, water polo and other sports like lacrosse, soccer, basketball and football. Outside of sports, I like working out and playing video games.

Jackson Simmons



I'm currently attending Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo.  During this off season, I've been learning how to surf and play ukulele!

I've been swimming competitively since I was 6 years old.  A fun fact about me is that I will eat anything and everything.

I hope the swimmers/team will achieve self-discipline and accountability this season.  Outside of swimming I like to cook food, explore new sceneries and powerlifting.


Favorite stroke: Breaststroke

Favorite pre meet meal: Jamba Juice and Noah's bagel

Favorite post meet meal: Sushi!

Favorite Larkey tradition: 15-18 Rafting trip

Favorite jam that gets me dancing: Living It Up - Damian Marley

Ashley Larson

Junior Coach


Hey Sharks! I'll be back for my third year as a junior coach this year and can't wait to see y'all once the season starts! I'm currently playing softball (Left Field) for Belmont University, however I'm aiming to continue my sophomore year rowing for another university. Depending on where I end up, I may continue on the track towards a major in Philosophy, or I may move more towards Writing/English with a minor in Nutrition. A fun fact about me is I love to bake or make beef jerky with my dad! I hope that this season we're all a little more thankful for everything around us and that we're all able to band together as one. I love hiking, playing with my dog, baking/cooking, and being active in general. Looking forward to seeing the Larkey fam! Go sharks!

Favorite swim stroke: Breaststroke
Favorite pre meet meal: Smoothie or fruit
Favorite pre meet meal: Acai bowl or tacos
Favorite Larkey tradition: Anything Conference. I. Love. Conference.
Favorite jam that gets me dancing: Anything country, specifically Luke Combs

Anna Mills

Junior Coach


Hey everyone! My name is Anna Mills:) I am finally a senior at Acalanes High School and am headed to Chapman University for my next 4 years! My biggest accomplishment is winning a trophy that was bigger than me when I was five at the OMPA Bottoms-Up Meet. I hope that I can help some young Sharks get big trophies too! I value good sportsmanship, both towards your teammates and others, and positivity. I think that a good attitude will not just help their swimming but many other aspects of their lives! I believe that a combination of focus on technique, hard work, a positive attitude and fun(!!!) will lead to swimming improvements and a great summer. I like working out, reading, hanging out with friends, but above all, food. Can’t wait for an amazing summer!


Favorite stroke: Breaststroke

Favorite pre meet meal: Banana

Favorite post meet meal: Everything!

Favorite Larkey tradition: Human whirlpool!

Favorite jam that gets me dancing: Starship

Ronnie Atencion

Junior Coach


My name is Ronnie Atencion, but you can call me RJ.  I will be a Senior at College Park High School this fall.   I have been swimming since I was 7 years old.  I joined Larkey when I was 10.  I can't imagine swimming for any other team.  I hope to continue on the Larkey spirit with new and old swimmers.  If I'm not swimming, I'm playing Water Polo or video games.  Looking forward to seeing everyone this summer. 


Favorite stroke: Freestyle

Favorite pre meet meal: Jamba Juice ( Ordering off their secret menu)

Favorite post meet meal: Burger and Vanilla Milkshake

Favorite Larkey tradition: Spirit Week