Darnestown Demon Coaches

Meet Your Coaches



Pat Tozzi 

Head Coach

Pat's coaching career started in the summer of 1982 as the assistant coach of the Aspen Hill Swim Team.  He has coached several other MCSL and CCSDA summer swim teams over the years and was also the head coach of the Upper Montgomery County YMCA. Currently, Pat coaches for the Rockville Montgomery Swim Club at the Germantown site.  In his spare time, Pat teaches math at Lakelands Park Middle School in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  Pat is very excited about being part of the Demon family and looks forward to another very successful season.  

Staci Armezzani

Head Assistant Coach

Staci has been coaching for 12 years now. This is her 3rd year as Head Assistant Coach at Darnestown . Before becoming a part of the Demon family, Staci coached at Poolesville for 1 year and at Northlake for 9 years. She also coaches for RMSC, where she is the head coach of the Senior group, the co-head coach of the Junior group, and an assistant coach of the Mini group. Before coaching with RMSC, Staci taught swim lessons for Montgomery County Recreation Department. Staci loves working with kids of all ages and even has experience working with adults!


Ross Lippe

Assistant Coach

Ross has been a member of the  Darnestown  Demons Swim Team since he was 3 years old and is in his third year of coaching with the team. At Poolesville High School, Ross was a 4 year varsity swimmer and a member of the ‘12, ’13, ’14, and ‘15 State Championship Teams. He served as a team captain during his senior year. This past spring Ross completed his first year at Marist College, where he is a member of their Division I varsity swim team. In his first year of collegiate swimming, Ross learned a lot about technique and what it takes to swim at a higher level. Ross is looking to take this knowledge and experience and use it to help the  Darnestown  swim team. Ross has experience working with children of all ages, as he has coached and taught lessons at the pool for the past several years .



Miguel Tyshing

Assistant Coach

Miguel has been part of the Darnestown Demons Swim Team since he was 8 years old and he has come back for his third year of coaching. Swimming has been a big part of Miguel’s life, as he has swam year-round for Hydro-Sonic Tiburones and RMSC over the years. In 2015, Miguel also worked as a coach for RMSC helping out with the Minis and Juniors groups. In high school at Georgetown Prep, Miguel was on the Varsity Swim Team for all four years. In his senior year, Miguel was a part of a team that won the Metros championship meet for high schools all around Montgomery County. Now, Miguel attends the University of Maryland and still keeps swimming in his life as he has joined the Maryland Club Swim Team. Miguel has been giving lessons at the pool for the past couple of years and loves working with kids of all ages and ability.


Jaycee Yeagher

Assistant Coach

Jaycee has been a Darnestown Demon for 10 years now. She also swims year-round with Rockville Montgomery Swim Club (RMSC) in the National Training Group. Jaycee has traveled abroad with swimming, competing in Israel and Chile for the Maccabi Games. Her specialty is breastroke and she would be happy to help improve technique in any of the strokes. Jaycee is comfortable working with kids of all ages!



Kelsea Edwing

Assistant Coach

Kelsea has been a fish in the water and a Darnestown  Demon since she was 5. By age 7, she realized this was her sport. With the support of her family, she joined “club swimming” year-round and has done so ever since. Kelsea has been swimming with Nation's Capital Swim Club (NCAP) for the last 8 years. This is Kelsea’s first year working as a formal Coach at DSRC, but she helped with pre-team in 2015. Kelsea earned varsity letters as a freshman swimming on the high school swim team. Now she’s moving into her senior year at Northwest High School with her studies focused in the Ulysses program. This past winter Kelsea had the fortune of apprentice-coaching under her respected NCAP coaches. She not only learned about the science and techniques behind the sport itself, but gained valuable insights as to how to coach, and why practices are designed in certain ways to achieve targeted goals. Kelsea is an identical twin with Deanna as many DSRC members are aware, so when making your coaching choice, understand their competitive natures as siblings really only makes them closer! If you are having difficulty deciding which twin may be best for your swimmer, please speak with each of them! They’d love that opportunity to meet with you and this would be one of the best ways to get a sense of their similar yet distinct personalities. Kelsea enjoys and has the experience coaching all ages and levels. So regardless if you’d like your child to just have fun and be able to swim safely in the water, OR—your swimmer has aspirations to be a “Top Ten” Demon, Kelsea may be the right choice for you.


Deanna Edwing

Assistant Coach

Deanna is a mature and fun-loving 17 year old who has been a Darnestown Demon since 5 years old. By the time she was 7, her love of swimming took her to “club swimming”. Deanna chose the well-renowned Nation’s Capital Swim Club (NCAP) as her year-round club of choice for the last 8 years. During the summer of 2015, Deanna also enjoyed helping with DSRC’s pre-team, but this year is even more excited to be working as a formal coach! Joining the varsity swim team in high school Deanna earned her letters as a freshman! She attends Northwest High School and is excelling as a student-athlete in the Ulysses program. Deanna augmented her coaching experience by apprentice-coaching under her highly respected NCAP coaches this past winter. Her appreciation of swimming grew as she learned about the science and techniques behind the sport itself, also gaining insights as to how and why coaches design practices certain ways for both short and long-term goals. Deanna is looking forward to putting her newly enhanced knowledge to work. In making your coaching selection as many know, Deanna is an identical twin with Kelsea. Understandably there is friendly rivalry amongst twins. The closeness of their twin-ship however usually (usually) wins-out. So if you’re having difficulty deciding which coach may be best for your swimmer, please speak and meet with them both! This would be a great way to gain a sense of their individual-ness and personalities to help determine who may be the right fit for your swimmer. Deanna is comfortable teaching all ages and levels but especially enjoys working with young children. So whether your child is pre- Pre-Team (toddler/novice) or an age-group swimmer with Olympic dreams, Deanna is looking forward to working with interested swimmers and their families all summer long!


Ben Kaplan

Assistant Coach

Ben has been swimming with the Demons since he was 7 years old and with the RMSC since he was 13. Ben is also part of his high school swim team, the 5 time state champions Poolesville Falcons, and has swam varsity on the team starting freshman year. While this is his first year officially coaching, Ben has had 3 years of experience coaching the pre-team, as well as working with the RMSC swim clinic. Ben is very excited to work with the team, and can’t wait to see how the year turns out. Ben can work with kids of all ages, though prefers kids from the ages of 7-12.



Coaching Staff