Coaches & Directors

We are here to support your needs. If your questions are related to workouts, meets, events, goal setting, and other swimming related needs, please contact one of the coaches.

For questions related to dues, safety, or policy issues, 
please contact one of the team reps.

Coaching Staff

Nicole Fisher

Head Coach


Get to know Coach Nicole!

This is my 2nd year as Head Coach for the Thunder. When I was a swimmer my MCSL team was North Creek.

My favorite stroke is breaststroke because it was my best!

I love the spirit this team has, how helpful the parents are, and how much fun we all have each and every day at the pool.

My first goal is always for the swimmers to have fun. In addition to that, I want them to learn something new and improve throughout the season.

My favorite food is Mexican- I grew up in California and was spoiled by the authentic and delicious fresh food out west.

Fun Fact- I'm a beast on the racquetball court!!!

Riley Bogren

Assistant Coach


Here's some things to know about Coach Riley!

I joined the Thunder when I was 7? I think?!

My favorite event is the 500 Free.

I love the Thunder because it's the best!

My goal this summer is for everyone to have fun and enjoy it so much they come back next year!

My favorite food....if I have to choose one, is burgers. But I love just about every kind of food :)

One thing to know about me is that I go to Towson University and study Film.

Ella Bogren

Pre-Team Coach


Get to know about Coach Ella!
I first joined Thunder when I was 5.
My favorite stroke is freestyle.
I love thunder because the team has become a family to me. I can't picture spending my summer any other way.
My goal is for everyone to have fun and to improve.
My favorite food is sushi!
One fun fact about me is that I hate frogs.

Sofie Allison

Pre-Team Assistant Coach


Here's some things to know about Coach Sofie!

I first joined thunder seven years ago. 

My favorite stroke is butterfly. 

I love Thunder because of the bond everyone has, making the swim team so much fun and super special. 

This year, I want to see the team really getting into the spirit side of the season, like dressing up with the themes and participating in pep breakfasts. 

My favorite food has to be waffles. 

Fun Fact: I have a twin!

Kasey Licciardello

Junior Coach


Getting to know Coach Kasey!

I joined the Waters Landing Thunder family in 2004 at the age of five years old.

My favorite stroke is butterfly. Ever since watching Elizabeth Weiner swim the

stroke as a young girl, I fell in love with fly and considered it my favorite stroke.

I love Waters Landing because of the people. Our families and coaches are what

have made this team a family.

My goal for this summer is to have an awesome year and have little DQs.

My favorite food is fruit loops and pepperoni pizza. 

One fact about me is that I am also a soccer coach.

Jonathan Schrock

Junior Coach


Get to know Coach Jonathan!

I've been on thunder since back in 2004.

My favorite event is the medley relay, and my favorite stoke is freestyle. 

I love Thunder because it's a good environment to be in and lots of fun times! 

My goal this summer is, I want us to be win the division and have fun.

My favorite food...Anything free.

I love to play basketball. 


Kai Vilbig

Junior Coach


Here's some things to know about Coach Kai!
I first join Thunder in 2003, when I was 3 and a half.
My favorite stroke is the 100 Breast stroke.
I love thunder because ever since I joined Thunder, it has been like a family to me. 
My goal for the team this year is I hope to strengthen the team both in swimming and as a family.
My favorite food is sushi.
In Japanese, me and my brother's names both mean Ocean.