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First & foremost, our objective is to support and enrich your family's experience with us. If not inclusive here on the Website, should you have questions about team-related matters, please feel free to contact one of our approachable & responsive coaches. For all administrative inquiries, we invite you to connect with a member of our knowledgable, helpful Board of Directors. We're all here to assist you & ensure your enjoyment!


Coaching Staff

Jeff Float

Head Coach


Coach Jeff is now into his 13th year as Aquatics Director of Spare Time Inc., based here in GR. Having spent his first 12 years at Laguna Creek Racquet Club, he's also a coach with STAS, our year-round USA Swimming program. Starting as a 7-8 competitor, Jeff went on to complete Jesuit & USC while swimming at Arden Hills under Olympic Coach Sherm Chavoor. He secured membership on Team USA bound for Moscow’s .80 Games, which the US boycotted. With great fortunate & determination, Jeff again clinched a berth for LA’s .84 Olympics. Touched out for the bronze in the 200 free, the next day Jeff & his teammates were pitted against the heavily-favored West Germans in the 4x200 free relay. Now known as the third most exciting relay in US history, they were first to the wall by 4/100ths of a second, smashed the world record by five seconds and earned Gold Medals! This triumphant past paved the way to Coach Jeff’s incredibly rewarding future … instilling in today's youth his lifelong passion for the sport. He & his wife Jan live in Sacramento, both embracing the Stingrays’ motivational cheer, “We Believe!”    

Stephanie Turnbull

Assistant Coach I


Now in her 10th season, Executive Assistant Coach Stephanie always exudes smiling Stingrays Spirit! A transplant from Southern California, she swam competitively for 12 years at the Industry Hills Aquatics Club ... achieving Junior Olympics status. While captain of her high school team, Stephanie competed at the Southern Sections CIF meet. Attending Sac City College, she swam, played water polo, and was named Scholar-Athlete for two consecutive years. Stephanie continued her education at UC Davis, remained active in competitive water polo, and graduated in .08 with a degree in American Studies degree. In addition to the pooldeck, in .08 Coach Stephanie married her college sweetheart Brandon; and three years ago, they were blessed to become parents of future Mini-Rays, Turnbull Twins Cameron and Sebastian. As wife, mom and coach, Stephanie makes it all fun! This family's joyous whirlwind residence is located in Fair Oaks, where the Fun Foursome "Believes in Belief!" 

Christie D'Eeon

Assistant Coach III


Coach Christie has been in the pool for so long that she can’t recall when she developed a favorite childhood memory: wearing suit, cap and goggles. For a total of nine years, Christie has been on-deck with the Stingrays … the perfect complement to our experienced staff. In her youth, she swam for the Rollingwood Rockets. Christie, at age 11, began competing year-round for CCA and the Sierra Marlins. In her Spare Time, Christie also played water polo at BV. After graduation, she joined the Sierra College Wolverines, where she became Coach Christie. We’re so pleased she came full-circle: Rollingwood at 15, GR in .03, back to the Wolverines, over to Sutter Lawn, and then back to Home Sweet Home. According to Christie, "No other team compares!" Her coaching & in-the-gym dryland training philosophy is to stay focused on individual and team technique and goal-setting. She relishes the idea that today’s swimmers may develop that same childhood memory. With her two-year-old son Ty, Christie's days are full and happy. "Together, They Believe!"       

Mason Jones

Assistant IV


Welcome, Coach Mason! Having just concluded his first season, we couldn’t be happier with Mason’s many talents, all of which he pours with Heart & Soul into our team. He’s a terrific coach, oft-requested instructor, reliable lifeguard & fun-tastic, results-oriented dryland trainer. There’s no doubt: His Core & Flexibility classes led to countless PEAK performances in this Championship year! In addition to swimming for the Folsom Sea Otters, Sierra Marlins and his Folsom HS varsity team, Mason is an all-round sports enthusiast: cycling, weightlifting & football. He’s currently enrolled at Folsom Lake College, with a focus on general education. Coming from Broadstone, a Spare Time sister club, Mason carried along his experience and passion for fitness, health & vitality. Not only did he blend seamlessly into our program, but he took it to the best level ever. "We Believe in Coach Mason"; it’s obvious that Coach Mason Believes in us!  

Mia Leisten

Junior Coach I


A Stingray since the age of 10, Coach Mia is now in her third year as a popular and talented staff member. Mia competed in STAS, our year-round program, beginning in the 11-12 age group. As a multiple club and league record-breaker, she amassed many special Stingrays Awards and High-Point Trophies. While at American River College, she continued smashing more records and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of competition at the State level. In addition, Mia graduated high school at age 14 and remains academically off the charts. After graduating out of GR and ARC, Mia is entering her junior year at UCD … swimming all the while. Coach Mia is thrilled to be returning, and we’re thrilled she’s back on deck. Passionate about teaching and inspiring younger swimmers, Mia Believes in coaching “the same way the coaches did for me”!                 

Catherine Hensley

Junior Coach II


Coach Catherine has accepted our offer as a second-year assistant this summer, and we couldn’t be happier. Competing in the Nor Cal Swim League since age four, she brings a wealth of experience to this position. Commitment and dedication are but two of the sports and scholastic ideals Catherine embraces. For over eight years, she's also been a high-level competitive gymnast. Coach Catherine has been with Gold River for three years: swimmer, lifeguard and instructor. She and her teammates hold the 200 free & 200 medley relays records. An honors graduate from BV last year, Catherine is now a sophomore at the University of AZ … heading toward a career in pharmacology, PharmD. In addition to coaching this summer, she’s volunteering as a pharmacy tech to complete her Pharm Tech License before returning to college in the fall. Favoring freestyle and backstroke, Catherine is likewise passionate about swimming and enthusiastically agrees "Good Things Come to Those Who Believe!"

Julie Leopold

Personal Trainer


This year we’re welcoming Certified Personal Trainer Julie to our New & Improved Dryland Program. Julie leads the 12 & Up FIT [Functional Interval Training] sessions, which focus on Strength & Conditioning. Currently conducting bi-weekly sessions, Julie knows the benefits of combining the gym with the pool and, in so doing, creates a fun environment that challenges each swimmer to reach his/her maximum potential. Trainer Julie played Division I soccer at Butler University in Indianapolis & earned a BA in Communications. From .00-18, she was a Youth Soccer Coach at the rec & competitive levels and doubled as a CrossFit Athletics Coach. Certified as a Personal Trainer thru the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Julie’s philosophy is: “If you change nothing, nothing will change.” Well, she has just changed our dryland & is looking forward to changed team performances. A passionate actor & improv, Julie is married to Jason; and the couple enjoys two daughters, 10-year-old Shea & Amelia, age 7. "They Believe" in FIT!    


Board of Directors

Russell Lipscomb



Kelly Reyes

League Representative


Jim Pappas



Allison Ruiz



Bethany Newman

Volunteers Coordinator


Leah Reynolds



Karen Mullaly Jones

Sponsorship Coordinator


Tamara Bish

Social Events Coordinator