2019 Sunrise Sharks Coaching Staff

Sharks 2019 Coaching Staff and some Fun Facts

Head Coach Shane Gutto



Coach Gutto started swimming at age 3, he swam for several Rec teams including Green Haven Swim Team, Glen Oaks, Del Norte, USS Arden Hills and Fair Oaks Dolphins.

He swam for El Camino High School and graduated in 2008.

He currently works for the Department of Justice and DJ's professionally.

He swam in College where he was a State Qualifer in the 200 Free, 500 Free and the Mile.

His favorite Stroke/Event is 200 Free.

His swim accomplishments: High School MVP all four years and Sections Qualifier all four years as well as Top 16 College State Qualifier in 200 and 500 Free.

Coaching Philosophy: I use the "Full Immersion" stroke philosophy.

Favorite Quote: "Shut up and swim!". ~ My Dad.

Starbucks or Dutch Bros. - Starbucks

Pizza or Tacos or Burgers - Vegan

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor - Vegan


Coach Travis Bishop


Coach Bishop started swimming at age 12, he swam for Casa Roble High School, WAC and currently swims for Sunrise Sharks.

He graduated Casa Roble High School in 2018, is currently working full time (in addition to coaching) and plans on attending Sierra College or ARC in the fall.

His favorite stroke: 100 Backstroke or 50 Breaststroke

Swimming accomplishments: MOC qualifier, Sections qualifier and top 3 finisher at MOC's.

Favorite quote: "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift". ~Steve Prefontaine

Starbucks or Dutch Bros. - Dutch Bros.

Pizza or Tacos or Burgers - Burgers

Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate


Coach Matt Milhoan


Coach Milhoan started swimming at age 14, he swam 3 years for Sunrise Sharks and all 4 years at Antelope High School and graduated in 2018

He currently attends Sierra College.

His swim accomplishments: Varsity letter all 4 years of High School

His favorite stroke: Freestyle

Favorite Quote: "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, what do we do, swim, swim, swim". ~Dory

Pizza or Tacos or Burgers - Pizza

Favorite Ice Cream: Oreo cookies and cream


Coach Monique Patton


Coach Patton started swimming at age 7, she currently swims for Antelope High School and Sunrise Sharks.

She will graduate in 2020 and plans on attending community college first and transferring to the Academy of Art University.

Her favorite stroke: 50/100 Butterfly

Swimming accomplishments: Sections and MOC qualifier.

Coaching Philosophy: To help/guide kids into falling in love with swimming.

Favorite quote: "Just keep swimming". ~Dory

Starbucks or Dutch Bros. - Dutch Bros.

Pizza or Tacos or Burgers - Actually...Nachos

Favorite Ice Cream - Rolo Ice Cream


Coach Mackenzie Ayala

Coach Ayala started swimming at age 8, she swam for Antelope High School, WAC and currently swims for DART and American River College.

She graduated Antelope High School in 2018 and is currently a Sophomore at American River College.

Her favorite stroke: Backstroke and I.M.

Swimming accomplishments: Held records at Sunrise Sharks, Antelope High, and American River College. She was MVP all 4 years of high school and MVP at ARC as well.

Coaching Philosophy: Teaching the sport I love to younger kids, while keeping it fun, positive, and competitve in a well balanced manner. I want kids to always have fun and love the sport, to avoid burning out.

Favorite quote: "The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit. Be patient. Be humble." ~Unknown

Starbucks or Dutch Bros. - Starbucks

Pizza or Tacos or Burgers - Burgers

Favorite Ice Cream - Chocolate chip cookie dough

Coaching Staff