Our Cottonwood Pirate Coaches

Head Coach Marla Hastings

Coach Marla has been a part of the Pirates coaching team for over twenty years and will be our head coach again this year!  She is an experienced swimmer as well as an experienced NAC, middle school, high school and PIrates summer coach.

Here's her story: 

Our family moved to Cottonwood in 1996; I began coaching the following year with the Cottonwood Pirates as an assistant coach in 1997.

I never aspired to be the head coach of the Pirates, my focus has always been teaching young swimmers to thrive in the water.  It is with joy now that I have the opportunity to serve your family as head coach.

My aquatic background includes being head swim coach at Franklin High School from 1999 to 2006, Excel Aquatics as the Bronze Group (8 and under) coach from 1997 to 2005, and head coach for Brentwood Academy’s Middle School swim team (2007-2014). I’ve been a Green Group coach with the Nashville Aquatic Club since 2012.

I’ve loved being in the water all my life. And as a swim coach, that’s a good thing!

I coach because I treasure seeing young people (and grown-ups) have success in the water. My background is classical ballet. I understand the importance of learning technique and mastering the basics.

I’m fascinated by strategies that make swimming “easier” and want to share them with anyone interested in swimming for any reason–competition, exercise, health, or simply for pleasure. I seek to instill in my swimmers a love for the sport that hopefully will endure throughout their life.

I am well aware that we have something very special in Cottonwood. It’s why we’ve chosen to live here and to raise our children here. I know the Cottonwood Pirate swim team both contributes to this “something special” and is made richer for it.

I deeply appreciate the chance to serve your family and to lead Cottonwood’s swim team this summer. Now… it’s about time for the Pirates to get wet and have some fun!

Coach Marla


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