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Coaching Staff

Jenna Anselmo

Summer & Winter Head Swim Coach


Coach Jenna Anselmo has been coaching the Gators since 2010. She was an assistant coach for two years and has been the girls head coach since 2012. This year she has stepped into an even bigger role as Head Coach of the entire Pennridge Aquatic Club. 

Coach Jenna has been a Gator all her life. She started swimming for the summer PAC team in 1994 and fell in love with the sport. She would spend the rest of her career swimming for Pennridge in the summer and Souderton in the winter. She also was a four year varsity swimmer for the Pennridge High School. She excelled in breaststroke, backstroke, and the IM. 

In 2018, Jenna returned to her alma mater to be the head coach of the men’s swim team. And in 2019 began a new adventure by becoming the assistant coach for the women’s water polo team. While coaching the high school teams is a lot of fun and allows her to do the thing she loves most as a career, her heart belongs to the Gator Gang. 

When Jenna has a free moment away from the chlorine she loves spending time with her husband John and their pit-bull Apollo, reading, cooking and planning her next trip to Walt Disney World. 

There’s a quote that sums up Jenna’s coaching style: “The strongest people are not always the ones who win, but the people who don’t give up when they lose”. It’s one of the core values that she strives to instill in all of her athletes along with finding the joy in everything you do! 

Lori Zimmerman

Summer & Winter Head Diving Coach


Coach Lori grew up as a PAC gator way back when...  She dove with PAC over the summer, Souderton Aquatic club over the winter and competed in US Diving meets as an independent athlete.  Pennridge HS started their first swimming and diving team just before she graduated high school.  "The team was so small that the divers sometimes had to participate in the relay races so that we could have two relay teams!  It wasn't pretty, but we got it done and had fun at the same time!"

Favorite Dive: Hmm, it now seems a life time ago...probably the back somersault layout, the front somersault full twist, and the reverse dive layout.  They were definitely not the most challenging dives on my list, but they were so fun and felt effortless!

Lori took a break from coaching as she pursued her career first as an athletic trainer for colleges in PA, ME and FL, and then eventually as a school psychologist.  In 2017, she returned to coaching as the head diving coach for the PAC summer program and then stayed on as the head diving coach for the winter program as well.  "It is so much fun being a part of the PAC program again!  I grew up with this club, and the sport of diving was a very important part of my life.  Now I have the amazing opportunity to give back to the sport and to the community.  Over these past few years with PAC, I have met some outstanding young athletes and families.  PAC truly is a family that works to help support, encourage and develop young people to be the best version of themselves.  I am very thankful to be able to be a part of PAC once again!"

Ian Livengood

Summer Assistant Coach


Position on PAC: Leader of the 8&U (aka assistant swim coach)
Years with PAC: 3 baby!
Swimming History: Swam for PAC for 12 short years and 4 shorter years for Pennridge High School.
Favorite Stoke: backstroke

What Does PAC Mean To You: PAC has always defined my summer, and I wouldn't have it any other way! It has given me my closest friends and the opportunity to coach, and that’s more than I could ever ask for.  =a
Goals For The Summer: turn the team into a bunch of beasts! 

Off The Pool Deck I Like To: When I’m not on the pool deck I like to go thrifting and hang out with my friends.
Favorite Song: “Brandy, You’re a Fine Girl”
Favorite Movie: Once Upon A Time In Hollywood 
Favorite Food: The Perk’s fish tacos  <.
Favorite Quote: “Jenna put whatever you want here, I can’t think of a quote”  >#

We are so lucky to get The King of the Baby Gators back again this summer! Since he could not think of a quote, leave a comment with one that you think suits our Coach Ian!  =

Julian Arteaga

Summer Assistant Coach


Position: Assistant swim coach
Years with PAC/Swimming: about 12 I think
Favorite event: 100 free or if we talkin summer you know I do fly too <Ê‍B

Goals For The Summer: coaching and breaking 50 seconds in 100 free and going sub minute in 100 fly  >/
What Does PAC Mean To You: PAC is kind of my place to relax and train with my friends in a less competitive environment. Its kind of like a family in that it’s more about how we can make the team better as a whole rather than just focusing on your own events, so honestly it’s just a lot of fun. =a

Off deck I like to: work out, play video games, hang with friends, or social distance  <Ë‍B >=‍B
Favorite song: Let’s groove by earth, wind, and fire =z
Favorite food: chicken Fajitas  <[
Favorite movie: Jim Carrey’s The Mask  >#
Quote: “Set a goal so big that you can’t achieve it until you grow into the person who can”

Julian will be one of our practice coaches for the younger swimmers, as he will be working towards his own swimming goals during the meets. I know there are quite a few of the Littles who will be VERY happy to have Coach Julian back on deck this summer.  =

Rachel Keyser

Summer Assistant Coach


Position: Assistant Swim Coach
Years w PAC: 10 years
Swimming History: Swam for PAC for 10 years, my 6th year playing Water Polo (I played throughout high school and I play at the University of Pittsburgh), and I swam on the Pennridge High School Team
Favorite Stroke: Breaststroke, Fav Event: 100 breaststroke (a true Coach Jenna Protege  =)

What PAC means to me: PAC gave me some of my bestest friends in life. I have never been apart of a group quite like this one, where I can consider everyone on the team family. PAC has given me confidence, laughs and determination in life and I am excited to continue being a part of giving that to my gators  =a
Goals for the Summer: Have a fun summer with all my PAC kids and avoid that farmers tan those coaching shirts are going to give me hahah!  =v

Off the Pool Deck I like to: Hang out with friends, go to the beach, eat a lot of buffalo wings and watch my fav summer show big brother!
Fav song: Sunflower by Post Malone  <;
Fav food: Buffalo wings with extra chunky blue cheese =
Fav movie: Grown Ups
Fav quote: Me: “Ian what did you do in the Pitt Talent Show?” Coach Ian: “I juggled and sang ‘I just can’t wait to be King’.”  >

We are SO excited to have Rachel join the PAC staff this summer! She is going to bring the FUN but she will also keep these Gators moving! Let’s see if she can steal the Selfie Queen title away from another certain coach.... >3 >#

Hannah Sayre

Summer Assistant Swim Coach


Years with PAC/Swimming History: 11 years swimming with PAC, 4 years on the Pennridge High School team, and also played water polo for 4 years. 
Favorite event: 50 or 100 Back
Goals for the summer: Improving my times in the 100 free and 50 back 
What does PAC Mean to You: PAC means so much to me. I have met some of my lifelong friends on this team. It has taught me so many life skills that I will use in my future. This team is like a family that is so welcoming and always a safe and fun place to be around. 
Off Deck I like to: I like to hang out with my friends and go on different adventures with them 
Favorite song: You make me feel like dancing by Leo Sayer 
Favorite Food: Tomato, Mozzarella, and Basil with Balsamic Vinegar 
Favorite movie: Mamma Mia!
Favorite Quote: "Always try something new, you never know who you might meet or what you might learn"