About Our Coaches

Our Coaching Philosophy

As coaches, we strive to provide a fun and athletic environment for your children to participate in. All of us grew up on the Franklin Knolls Swim Team and spent every summer of our lives here developing life-long friendships and principles that we still use in an everyday setting. Whether your child spends every summer with us, or only one summer, we would like them to come away with the same positive feelings towards the Gators Family that we as coaches so strongly have. We are here to preserve the Gators Legacy and make sure that your child has every opportunity to succeed in and out of the water this summer!


2021 Coaches

Nik Hammond - Head Coach

Kevin McGlaughlin - Assistant Coach

Aiden Rooney - Assistant Coach

Alexandra LaDuca - Assistant Coach

Chase Stallings - Assistant Coach

Aidan McLaughlin - Special Teams, Drylands Coach

Coaching Staff