Team Sponsors

The Barracudas coaching staff is dedicated to the growth and success of the swimmers. The coaches encourage goal setting and enjoy working with the swimmers to reach their goals. Our coaches are especially insightful and are the best resource for questions or issues regarding meets, workouts and goal setting.  



Coach Wendy started swimming on a team at age 4 and joined the Folsom Sea Otters at age 6. She swam for the Otters and Folsom High School until she went to college. Her favorite events were freestyle and butterfly, but she preferred to keep them short and sweet – the 50 and 100 were her top events. She started teaching swimming when she was 15 and took courses on coaching swimming at Brigham Young University and through ASCA. She continued her love for teaching when she joined the coaching staff of the Folsom Sea Otters in 2001. After living in France for a year, she returned to the Otters in 2003 as their head coach and started with Folsom High School, remaining there until 2007. She joined the Barracudas in 2013 after building a family of four with her husband. Wendy loves swimming and the community that swim teams build. When she's not at the pool, you can find her hanging out with her family riding bikes around town, playing sports or trying to find some down time reading or cooking (her two passions in this life!).



Coach Amy is proud to say she has taught swim lessons and coached swim team at Broadstone for 18 years. She considers the Barracudas her summer home and swim family. Many athletes that began on the team when they were 4 or 5 years old continued to swim for Amy until they were 18 and have gone off to college! Amy also has coached high school swim. Amy grew up in Redding, Calif. and swam competitively in recreation leagues, USS teams and in high school. Her favorite strokes were freestyle and backstroke, and her favorite event was the 200 free. The longer the swim, the better! When Amy was in high school she began teaching swim lessons and lifeguarding. She followed her passion for teaching and love of children and obtained her teaching credential in 2002. She currently teaches middle school English and history, but has taught in grades K-8 for the past 15 years. She continues to teach swim lessons and coach, enjoying every opportunity to share her love of the water with children, teens and adults. Helping swimmers and students become hard workers, respectful citizens, kind people and fast swimmers are her primary goals. When Amy isn’t at the pool, you can find her spending time with her husband, Jim, and their three beautiful girls, Katy, Barbie and Molly. She enjoys reading, rowing and playing tennis in her spare time. The Suggs family enjoys boating, camping, hiking and biking the Folsom trails together. 


Coach Shane started swimming on a team at the age of five and swam competitively for 12 years following. He swam USS for the last eight years, most of which were spent on the Sierra Marlins Swim Team. As a high school swimmer, Shane was recognized as an All-League athlete and later an All-City athlete in the San Joaquin area. He coached swim clinics and swim practices with the Sierra Marlins for six months prior to joining the Broadstone coaching staff. His favorite races include the 200, 500 and 1650 freestyle. Outside the pool, Shane will be starting college at Sacramento State University in August 2018. Shane enjoys good food and friends and can be found furthering his education outside of coaching.