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 "Knowledge will give you power, but character will give you respect." - Bruce Lee

COACHING EXPERIENCECoached in the SSL for 12 years.  This is the 5th year as Head Coach of the Sea Otters and we are destined to have a year worth memory.  2018: Went from 8th place to 6th place.  2019: Moved up to 5th place and 14 FSO Team records broken.  2021: Perfect Otter-Sight?????

SWIMMING EXPERIENCESwam since age 10 thru Junior college at Sierra College (200 Butterfly).

OTTER FUN FACTSI work FedEx by morning.... Special Education Job Coach by day.... And we fight technique at night at the Folsom Aquatic Center and it is where all the action is.  I enjoy working with so many athletes in the sport of swimming and we are NOT achieving success as a team because we preach speed!  We preach doing the right thing everyday by abiding by our routine in the life of an Otter.  We push our teammates to get better, the coaches coach better with the energy in the air and we are achieving SUCCESS because we are having fun at what we are doing.  If we didn't put a smile on your face, we didn't achieve the secret weapon to recreational swimming, FUN.  At the end of your summer, you will not remember your swim times or how many ribbons you got.  You will remember the good times you had with your friends, your peers and coaches and all the laughter you endured.  That is what we preach, what we execute and what we are all about, having a fun time during the most important times of your life!!!  I can't wait to get started, 3rd time is a charm!!!

COACHING PHILOSOPHYSimple!  I will always bring energy and enthusiasm to the pool deck because I want to make every day count.  When you show up, I will always tell you: I believe in you, I am proud of you and I will be your biggest fan!!!  Bring energy so it makes your teammates better and this team will STILL be undefeated in having fun!!!  #OttersAllDay.




COACHING EXPERIENCEI am thrilled to be returning to the pool deck for another season with the Sea Otter Family!  I was Head Coach with the Otters for 4 years 2009-2012 and an Assistant Coach with the Johnson Ranch Barracudas for the next 6 years, before returning Home to the Otters.

SWIMMING EXPERIENCEI swam competitively for the Arden Hills Swim Team under the direction of Olympic Coach Sherm Chavoor for 16 years, where I gained many skills I still use today.  I was a member of a Junior National Gold Medal winning 8x200m Free Relay, participated in the 1984 Olympic Trials and earned two All-America Awards, an Individual Section Title in the 500 Free, and 4 consecutive Section Team Titles at Rio Americano High School.  I completed my swimming career with 2 unforgettable seasons representing the California Golden Bears at U.C. Berkeley where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree. 

OTTER FUN FACTSI have a Master's Degree in Special Education and have taught for over 25 years.  I have taught lessons to swimmers of all ages, from beginners, to specialized stroke technique, and also adults seeking an enjoyable fitness regime.  Working with the Northern California Special Olympic swimmers remains one of my most memorable and influential experiences.  I have the encouragement of my husband Peter and my three Otters, Coach Alta, Illana (18), and Brooke (16).

COACHING PHILOSOPHYCommitment, discipline, and self confidence are a few of the amazing strengths swimming offers.  I am dedicated to working with our swimmers and their families to make this season a positively memorable experience.  I look forward to seeing everyone at the pool!


COACHING EXPERIENCEThis is my first-year coaching swim. My daughter Emily and I have been teaching swim lessons the past 3 years to children of all ages, and I love teaching great swimming technique!

SWIMMING EXPERIENCEI grew up in Quebec, Canada where swimming was an activity, we only did in the summer time (maybe 8 weeks if we got lucky...). There were not any competitive swim teams in the area I grew up, so the swimming experience I have is from watching my girls swim competitively for the past 14 years. However, I have learned a lot about the essentials of swimming from them, whether it is the drills that work best or the most important aspects of every stroke. My girls made me love this sport. 

OTTER FUN FACTSI have been a part of the Sea Otters family off and on for the past 13 years. My daughter Emily who will be attending Northeastern with a swimming scholarship in the fall started swimming on the Otters at the age of 5. My other daughter Jessica is still on the Otters and is one of the swimmer coaches this year! I have also served on the Board of Directors the past 2 years, but I’m excited to see what’s in store as an assistant coach.

COACHING PHILOSOPHYI believe swimming is one of the greatest sports you can do because of the discipline it requires and the many different life lessons it teaches you, whether it is determination, independence, or perseverance! However, I believe the most important thing to do is to have fun!



COACHING EXPERIENCEI love coaching kids! I coached a summer recreation swim team many years ago and this is my first year back.  I also coach rec. soccer and work full time.

SWIMMING EXPERIENCE I started swimming on a swim team when I was 7 years old and stayed until I was 18.  Then I ended up coaching this team, the Sunrise Sharks.  I was not ever the fastest swimmer – my nickname was “one speed,” but the love I had for swimming kept me going!  Even today, I enjoy swimming laps in the morning.

OTTER FUN FACTSThis is my second year with the Sea Otters.  My daughter, Taylor started in 2019 as a 9-year-old and I loved the team so much, I got involved as a board member and now Assistant Coach.  The team made us feel like we were family.

COACHING PHILOSOPHY As a coach, my favorite part is seeing kids smile, improve and build their confidence.  I want to be a positive influence on the kids and keep them motivated to continue to do their best!









Susannah Muscott

SWIMMING/COACHING EXPERIENCE - I have swam for 10 years total, 9 years with the Folsom Sea Otters.  I worked as a volunteer coach for 2 years and this will be my 4th season as a Swimmer Coach.

WHAT HAS SWIMMING TAUGHT ME - Swimming has shown me that hard work in practice is important for success at swim meets.  It is also beneficial to develop a strong relationship with your teammates because "teamwork makes the dream work!"

Shelby Mayoral

SWIMMING/COACHING EXPERIENCE - 7 years swimming, 5 years as a Swimmer Coach and 1 year as a Volunteer Coach for the Folsom Sea Otters in the Suburban Swim League.

WHAT HAS SWIMMING TAUGHT ME - You do not have to come in first place to have your personal best.  Coaching the little kids last year gave me confidence and it was really fun.  I enjoyed having my "Hype Girls" cheering me on.

Bailey McCue


SWIMMING/COACHING EXPERIENCE - I have been swimming the past 7 years with the Folsom Tigersharks.  This will be my third year with the Folsom Sea Otters!  I also swim for the Vista Del Lago High School swim team and I am currently a team captain.  This will be my 3rd year coaching.  I have coached swimmers ages 4-10.

WHAT HAS SWIMMING TAUGHT ME - Swimming has taught me teamwork and leadership capabilities.  Swimming has also helped me make many great friends through the fun environment.

Logan Brown

SWIMMING/COACHING EXPERIENCE - I have been a Den Chief working with kids 10 and under.  I have also completed the El Dorado Hills Junior Life Guard training.

WHAT HAS SWIMMING TAUGHT ME - Participating with the Folsom Sea Otters has taught me the value of being part of a team, developing strong friendships, and that hard work pays off.

Wallace Muscott


SWIMMING/COACHING EXPERIENCE - I have been a proud member of the Folsom Sea Otters for 9 years.  I also swim for Folsom High School.  This is my first year as a Swimmer Coach after 1 year of volunteering.

WHAT HAS SWIMMING TAUGHT ME - Throughout my experience as a swimmer, I have learned the power of teamwork and hard work.  Working together to become better swimmers is an experience like no other.

Natalie McLean

SWIMMING/COACHING EXPERIENCE - I have been swimming for 3 years and this is my second year of coaching on a swim team.  This season will be my third year swimming and coaching for the Sea Otters.

WHAT HAS SWIMMING TAUGHT ME - Swimming has taught me about teamwork, setting goals for myself and supporting my friends.  I have also learned that while swimming is a great workout and a great time to hang out with friends, my favorite part of being on the team is coaching younger swimmers and helping them learn how to be fast , powerful swimmers and showing them what is so great about the sport.

Zoe Yahrling



Sydney Mayoral

SWIMMING/COACHING EXPERIENCE - I have swam for the Folsom Sea Otters since the age of 5 years old.  This year is my first year coaching.  I also swim on the Folsom High School Bull Dogs swim team.

WHAT HAS SWIMMING TAUGHT ME - Never stop.  Just keep racing.  Keep my head down.  It is fun!  I love spending my time at the pool.  I want to be a coach even after my swimming is over.  It has taught me so much.

Jessica Cooley



Jeffery Deacon






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