2019 Dolphins Coaching Staff

We are here to support our swimmers.  Questions related to workouts, meets, goal setting, and other swimming related needs should be directed to Head Coach.  Please contact our Board Members for all questions related to team administration, safety, policy issues, etc.  


Head Coach
 Hi! My name is Alan Rosenfeld and I have been coaching for 11 years      not  counting the 3 years I was a swimmer coach. I grew up around rec  swimming and think that it is a fantastic way to get introduced to the  sport. When I swam, I preferred to swim freestyle and butterfly but  realized that it  was important to focus on all of the strokes so that I  would become a well-rounded swimmer. I am really excited to be the  new head coach for the Dry Diggins Dolphins, and I am looking  forward to a great year. I am always happy to talk before or after practice and answer any questions you might  have.
Assistant Coaches:
Emily Moore
Dominic Aguilera
Nihna Atkins
Jaymie Benedetto
Catherine Bishop
Logan Dorrough
Skylar Ewing
Shelby Ganzert
Gemma Meadows
Skyler Velasquez
You can contact me via email: [email protected]
Coaching Staff