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Head Coach Anise Foreman

Coach Anise Foreman is currently the head coach of the Elite Rays Swim Club. Elite Rays is a year round competitive USA Swimming Club. Coach Anise brings a rare and dynamic approach with her to the sport of swimming. She started her swim career at the tender age of five. She quickly became one of the top summer swimmers in the Prince Mont Swim League. Upon leaving the Prince Mont Swim League, she went on to be an athlete in the Northern Virginia Swim League at age 12. Coach Anise made it to All Stars each summer season until aging out. She began her high school swim career starting in her sophomore year of high school. She accomplished the goal of becoming Thomas Stone’s swim team captain. Upon graduation, she was accepted at Bowling Green State University both for her academic as well as her athletic performances, and as a member of the swim team, she thrived.  

In addition to her many years of swimming, she taught privately as a swim coach as well as during the summer as head coach. She continues to pour her all into other athletes' lives as she coaches them by teaching them mental and physical toughness, encouraging them to perform to their peak ability, and through rigorous training and goal setting. Kingfish is proud to have Anise as a member of our coaching staff!


2020-2021 Board of Directors:

Alvin Lee, President

Milton Boone, Vice-President 

Taryn Dorsey, Secretary 

Adrian Goldsborough, Treasurer 

Kelvin Henderson, Member At-large

Jaberria Miller, Member At-large

Yolanda Wills, Member At-large

Kelley Dorsett, Member At-large

Jason Ross, Member At-large

LaDonna Etheridge, Member At-large

Alan Randall, Member At-large

and Calvin Holmes, Honorary Board Member for Life!

We are here to support your needs. If your questions are related to workouts, meet participation, goal setting, and other swimming related needs, please contact one of the coaches. For all other inquiries, please contact Alvin Lee, President of the Kingfish Swim Club Board of Directors ([email protected]/301-254-8740).



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