Coaches & Directors

STAR AQUATICS  is a Coach directed and board supported organization. If your questions are related to workouts, meets, events, goal setting, and other swimming related needs, please contact one of the coaches. For all questions related to administrative, such as dues, safety, or policy issues, please contact one of the board members.

Coaching Staff

Ellie Abihider

CEO/Senior Coach & Founder


Ellie’s Bio:
As a teaching professional with a degree in Physical Education (emphasis on Kinesiology),
and a California teaching credential, Ellie brings over 20 years of swim coaching and over 40 years of various teaching/coaching experiences to STAR Aquatics. Ellie’s coaching experiences include summer league, high school, age group/national, and college experiences (both at the senior and development age group levels).
Some of Ellie’s accomplishments include:
* Junior and Senior National Qualifiers* Southern California Age Group Record * Top 16 and top 10 of the Nation Swimmers * High School All-American Swimmers and Champions* High School All-American Academic* C.I.F Swimmers and Champions* High School League and CIF Qualifiers and Champions *Junior Olympic and Sectional Qualifiers and Champions * Swim Club and High School Team Record Holders* Vice President and Safety Chair of Eastern Committee Board 2000-2018 (of Southern California LSC) * Western Zone Coach 2006 for USA Swimming * 2002-2005 Zone selected Coach for Southern California Swimming*
Ellie’s coaching philosophy can be summarized by two of her favorite quotes:
"It's not about achieving perfection; it’s about pursuing it.”; And "building excellence through quality.” As a swim coach she focuses on these quotes as a way of life, which she believes will foster a lifelong passion for the sport of swimming and facilitate young people in their challenges of life

Ian W Rush

HEMET Associate Head Coach


With a personal background of 10 years swimming for Dolphins, YST, Hemet High, as well as swimming for the USA age group team at the Netherlands Invitational in 2000 and winning a bronze medal in breaststroke; Ian Rush brings first hand experience and top notch knowledge to the pool deck.

Ian has been coaching all age groups with Star Aquatics since December of 2016. His coaching experience also includes Hemet High School swimming since 2018.

Some of Ian’s accomplishments include: Coach of High school League Champs, CIF Finalists, Record-Holders, Age group WAGs, JAGs, Summer/Spring JOs, All-Stars, Top 16 SoCal, National Top 10.

"Your influence is never neutral," Dr. Jerry Lynch.

Board of Directors

Ellie Abihider



Rachel A Davis



Marissa Forget

Treasurer/Meet Manager