Jim and Laurie Grazier absolutely love coaching competitive swimming. Jim has been a certified USA Swimming coach since 1984, and Laurie since 1995. Both are also experienced, certified teachers as well. Jim retired after 27 years with Polk County Schools and Laurie is currently the Director of Early Childhood at All Saints Academy. Currently, Jim volunteers at All Saints Academy.

Over the years, Jim's swimmers have qualified for numerous FHSAA High School State Championships. Many have gone on to swim in college swim programs throughout the country. He takes exceptional pride in having trained athletes for military service. They have represented these branches: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Merchant Marines, and Coast Guard. Swimmers under his tutelage have qualified for the Florida Swimming Age Group Championships, Senior Championships, Sectionals, All Star Meets, US Junior Nationals and the U.S. Open.

He has served as a Florida Swimming All Star coach and to his credit he has nurtured numerous swimmers to become successful coaches, at all levels, in their own right.

Jim has an affinity for open water swimming competition. His swimmers have qualified and competed in numerous Florida Swimming Open Water Championships, including the first one held. He is proud that some have qualified for the Florida Swimming Open Water All-Star Team.

He finds much enjoyment coaching adults as well. Adult athletes, registered with United States Masters Swimming, have achieved national rankings, including national champions in both the US and Canada! 

Jim and Laurie formed their coaching team in 1995. Since then Laurie designed, led, and grew the developmental side of their team. It is their belief that the foundation of any swim team is taking to heart the development of young swimmers. Laurie coaches these 'age groupers' to learn the basic skills of competitive swimming and emphasizes teamwork as her formula for swimmers to become successful athletes and cohesive team members. Once the basic skills have been learned, key components to training instilled, and endurance is stronger, her swimmers advance to the next competitive level. She is proud that she has made swimming fun for hundreds of children, ensuring that they would want to continue in this wonderful lifelong sport. Her expertise as a teacher of young children and knowledge of child development is a key component in her coaching style.

Jim and Laurie are compassionate and committed to developing young swimmers to become competitive athletes and awesome adults. This is why they are the coaches of - 

Haines City Tritons, The Heart of Florida Swim Team!


Travis Douglas is an elementary school teacher and swim coach. He works with kindergarten students and developmental age swimmers. His primary focus is to teach children how to develop their skills, socialize, and have confidence in themselves. He believes that a fun and encouraging environment can help give young children the skills they need to be happier and more successful in school, swimming, and in their other future endeavors. He is known for his saying, "If you don't believe in yourself, believe in me, who believes in you!"

Travis was featured in an article for his work as one of Polk State College's up and coming Honor's students. He has earned a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from the University of South Florida. He is certified to teach kindergarten through sixth grade. He is currently employed by Polk County Schools and serving at Garden Grove Elementary School where he has been honored to take the reins as the kindergarten grade chair. Travis has been recognized numerous times for his continuing work to improve the lives of children.

Travis was employed eleven years with his former team. As a USA Swimming certified swim coach, Travis is experienced and exteremly successful coaching the novice level swimmers.

He also enjoys mentoring others that want to become certified as USA Swimming coach. Travis understands the requirements needed to become certified and will unselfishly help others to attain their dream. The Tritons will always be looking out for enthusiastic people that have an interest in coaching.

In his career as a teacher and coach he has helped hundreds of children develop into responsible and successful students and swimmers. Like Superman, he will always save the day!

 Nick Miles is an age goup developmental coach for the team and substitutes as needed for other groups. He is currently a college student and continues to exercise and work while continuing his education. Nick began swimming competitively at the age of five under Coaches Jim and Laurie Grazier.

Nick is a new coach for the Haines City Tritons but has years of experience in volunteer coaching.

He is currently working to get his associates degree at Polk State College and studies as a full-time student.

Nick’s history of swimming includes thirteen years of competitive swimming as well as four years of High School swimming. He showed leadership as a varsity swimmer all four years and team captain his senior year.

He is trained is a Lifeguard and is certified in CPR, AED, and many other vital skills to being a coach.

Nick is always excited to meet new people and can see himself coaching as a career. He always loves learning new techniques and strategies to becoming a better coach, mentor, and role model for his athletes.


Coaching Staff