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Evan Charles Maczka

Owner/Head coach


Coach Evan was born and raised in Leverett where he spent most of his early life playing with legos, studying Native American history, and playing basketball with friends. It wasn’t until he was 12 that he discovered his passion for competitive swimming with the Amherst Tritons Swim Team.

In his tenure as a swimmer, Evan swam on the East and West Coast – locally with the Tritons and Amherst High School, and with Team Santa Monica and the Santa Monica City College team. He earned JR College All-American status as part of several relays and also set some of his personal best times in the Master’s program that he swam in post-college.

During his swimming career Evan trained under some influential coaches. He was trained by Stu Blumpkin, former coach of Olympian of Lenny Krayzelburg, who focused on fundamentals and form. He swam another stint under Coach Sean Clark, or “Clarkie” as they called him, who was big on making sure his athletes understood the science behind why they were training the way they were. Coach Clark taught Evan that it wasn’t about more work, it was about better work – a lesson that would eventually mold Evan’s own coaching philosophy.

As Evan’s career shifted from competitive swimming to coaching both high school and club, he also started his own private swim lessons business. During his early coaching years and while at Notre Dame Academy, he had the opportunity to bring on Rada Owen to help with the program—Owen was an Olympian in the 2000 games and she was another believer in quality over quantity. Evan also collaborated with Eric Shanteau, a retired US national team member and part of the world record in the 4 x 100 MR. Eric taught high school swimmers about the importance of having “affirmations” – beliefs that empower us to make our words a reality. Eric held that people need to state their goals with conviction and heart in order to make their dreams a reality – and this lesson affected Evan as much as it impacted his high school swimmers.

In August 2018 Evan started ONE aquatics, a coached owned swim club.  Evan prioritizes quality over quantity and encourages swimmers to believe in themselves  – while incorporating some of the important concepts he has learned from coaches, co-workers, and athletes he has met along the way.. Many athletes have experienced success under his leadership; including two Division 1 College swimmers, a JR national qualifier, and a New England record holder.  Evan is a certified Level 3 ASCA coach


In his free time Evan enjoys staying in shape, swimming, and trail hiking/running.

Favorite Food: Watermelon and Maple syrup, they count right?!?

Favorite Swim Memory: So many of them, but one that stands out is being part of ARHS’s only boys WMass championship team.

Color that describes him best and why: Red, a color of passion and triumph!  (Interesting fact about red, countries with red in their flag have won more Olympic medals than countries with any other color in them)