Dale Ralph- Head Swim Coach

In 2013, Dale accepted the head coaching position at Murray High School. Shorty after accepting the position he became the head coach for the Murray Aquatic Club. After enjoying many years of coaching in the Bountiful area with the South Davis Aquatic Team, Bountiful and Woods Cross High School teams he decided to pursue his teaching degree. After completing his graduate degree in special education, Dale was offered a position at Murray High School. Dale had to leave the South Davis Tsunami team, where he was the head coach and helped build the team from 0 swimmers to the third largest team in the state and finished in the top 3 teams at multiple State Championships. 

Dale started swimming at age 6 with the year-round  Solotar swim team and with his neighborhood swim community league. Dale accomplished a national time in the 50 free and a junior national cut in the 100 breast. In 2011 Dale was named the  NFHS Utah Swim Coach of the year and the 4A girls swimming coach of the year after the Woods Cross Girls team took home their first ever state championship. Dale has taught swimmers at all levels, and is currently an  ASCA level 3 coach. He enjoys teaching children whether it is in the classroom or the pool. Dale and the entire coaching staff want each swimmer to reach their own potential and dreams. 


Mark Maurer- Head Age Group Swim Coach

Swimming and coaching has been my life long passion, and it is my chosen profession. Mark has over 10 years experience in all coaching levels. Mark grew up in California where he accomplished several national and junior national time achievements in the sprint events. 

His career started as a high school swim coach in 1981-82 with the Highland Rams. Mark has also been the head Swim Coach for the Sports Mall (Masters Team & Youth Team) in Murray, for the past nine years. Mark is able to coach swimmers at all levels and abilities. Mark helps to coach everyone on the team and is currently working with the Bronze group. 


Coaching Staff