Here is a full description of all volunteer positions involved in a swim meet. Click here to see the full PowerPoint presentation on the positions.

Will be assigned to any needed position at a meet due to cancellations, changes, etc.
Helps with set up, clean up, and/or food preparation for end of season banquet.
Banquet Raffle Chair
Contacts local businesses for prizes for the banquet raffle.
Chief Timer
Makes sure all timers are ready before each event and starts his stopwatch for each event as a backup if any lane timers have a problem.
Chief Timer Assistant
Helps the chief timer as necessary and also keeps a backup time.
Returning the pool to its original configuration following the meet. Returning all swim team supplies to the shed and returning all pool chairs, tables, umbrellas, and other pool equipment to its original location.
Clerk of Course
Holds all the time cards and is responsible for calling out the kids names and lining them up for their events.
Computers (at meets)
Responsible for merging the meet at the beginning of the meet, entering the times from the time cards into the computer, printing meet sheets and meet results, and printing ribbons to include place ribbons, participation, and personal best ribbons.
Computers (in the week before/after meets)
Responsible for setting up the meet in the computer, printing and  processing the time cards, and bringing the time cards, the computer equipment, and the meet files to the meet.
Concessions Co-Chairperson
Responsible for purchasing supplies, managing funds and overseeing selling, setup and breakdown the concessions.
Responsible for selling and helping setup and breakdown the concessions.
Data Entry
Assist the computer person by reading the swimmers times, so they can be entered into the computer.
Doughnut Sale Chairperson
Arranges the pick up, sale, and distribution of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.
Doughnut Sale
Helps with pick up, sale, and distribution of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.
Food Pickup
Assisting concessions by picking up food from local vendors, like McDonalds, in advance of home meets.
Food Prep
Assisting concessions by cutting fruit or portioning items, etc.
Heat Winner Ribbon Distribution
For Wednesday home meets, responsible for giving out a "Heat Winner" ribbon to the swimmer that wins each heat.

Lane Timers
Stands at the finish end of the pool and records times for swimmers with a stopwatch.
Meet Event Sign Changer
Changes the heat and event signs at the meet as the races progress.

Pre Meet Support
Stick names labels on cards.
Post Meet Support
Stick best time labels and file ribbons in family folders.
Has full authority over all officials and is responsible for enforcing all rules. Signals the starter that all officials are in position and ready for each race. This position requires stroke and turn judge and starter experience, and referee training.
Labels and files ribbons throughout the meet.
Takes the time cards from the timers and brings them to the computer table. Assists clerk of course with distributing time cards.
At home meets, must set up the pool for the meet. For a Saturday meet, setup volunteers must arrive at the pool on the FRIDAY night before the meet at 7:45pm and on Saturday by 7:30am to set up concessions. For Wednesday meets, set up people must get to the pool by 4:30pm.
Responsible for announcing each event. This position requires experience as a stroke and turn judge, and starter training.
Stroke and Turn Judges
Responsible for determining if the swimmers are doing legal strokes as defined by the USA Swimming Rules. This position requires stroke and turn judge training.
Time Card Sorter
Receives the time cards from the runners and orders/groups the time cards by event and attaches any associated DQ slips.