Volunteering & Docs

Parent volunteering requirements

We are an all-volunteer, parent-run swim team.

Each family is required to volunteer for:

  • 1 event committee job
  • and 5 swim meet shifts if you have 1 swimmer or 7 meet shifts if you have 2 or more swimmers
  • if all committee shifts are taken, please select 1 additional meet shift.

Your registration and inclusion on the team aren't approved until you've signed up for all of your volunteer shifts, so sign up early to get the shifts you want.

To sign up for committee shifts, click the "Events" tab atop any page, then on the job signup button on the Committee Positions Signups event.

To sign up for meet shifts, click the "Events" tab atop any page, then on the job signup button under each meet at which you will take a shift.

To learn the duties of each postion, click here to read a detailed meet duties descriptions and  click here to read detailed committee jobs descriptions.

Residency and age verification documents and requirements

Irvine Swim League now requires that all families provide proof every year that you either live in Irvine, or that your children attend school in Irvine.

You must provide these documents before your registration can be approved and before your swimmers can practice or compete.

Also, all new swimmers must provide proof of age, even if they are from a returning family. Returning swimmers do not need to provide proof of age.

You can submit photos of your documents taken with your phone or a camera, or copies of e-bills from your accounts. Please be sure to submit documents with 2017 dates that clearly show your name and billing address.

Here is a link to send your documents to the Dolphin DropBox. We'll pass your documents to the ISL after we receive them.

Here is a link to see the list of the documents that are acceptable for verifying your residency and proof of age. These are similar to the documents accepted by the Irvine Unified School District each year.